Discussions on potential UK-France travel redlist are expected today

Discussions on potential UK-France travel redlist are expected today

British media sources say the possibility of France being “on the red list” will likely be raised at a cabinet Covid O committee meeting this afternoon.
This would be the second time that this would be discussed at a meeting of this group, which advises the Prime Minister, according to “government sources” quoted by The Times.

It comes as several British media outlets have once again referred to an increase in cases of the South African variant in France – in fact, cases of the variant are on the decline according to the latest weekly French figures, although the overall figures are considerably higher in France than in the United Kingdom.

As we have already reported, the British Prime Minister has stressed that the inclusion of France on the Red List, which means severe restrictions for anyone coming to the UK from the country, must be weighed against the major trade disruptions that would result from it.

Since the issue was raised during an online discussion between MPs and Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week, the less restrictive measure, also discussed, to require truck drivers coming from France to take a Covid test, has now been accepted, effective Tuesday April. 6.

Those who stay in the country for more than two days will be required to take a test within 48 hours of arrival and then every 72 hours thereafter (France recently dropped its requirement for truck drivers from the UK to pass a test).

This may indicate that the UK is not ready to impose new, tougher measures on France.

Meanwhile, UK residents are currently banned from taking holidays abroad (including visiting second homes abroad, except for specific reasons identified) and awaiting a report from a global task force on trips on April 12, for an indication of what the rules are going to advance.

The task force is expected to give “recommendations to facilitate a return to international travel as soon as possible,” says UK website gov.uk. The government will then make decisions on resuming international travel, but it will not be until May 17.

Mr Johnson is also expected to give some advice on the matter on Monday April 5.

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