Diogo Jota set to take over from Liverpool as Roberto Firmino prepares for new role – John Aldridge

Diogo Jota set to take over from Liverpool as Roberto Firmino prepares for new role - John Aldridge

Diogo Jota is due to start as many games as he can for the rest of Liverpool’s season now.
Roberto Firmino, fresh out of his injury, has to take a backseat and try to regain his place as an impact sub, as goals seem to come from Jota more than anyone.

Firmino has been in bad shape for some time and I think a period outside the squad, with Jota ahead of him in the pecking order, might be enough to sort him out and get him back on track.

He’s had a three week break, he’ll be fresh again and become a submarine for Jota, he’ll have to bite the bullet and try to regain his place because that’s how football is.

Jota was the game winner last time around against Wolves and for me as a center forward if I’ve been out for three months I would like to play until the end of the season. No question.

He can then go to the Euros with Portugal and there is no reason to suggest that he needs a rest.

He will be hungry for everything to make his mark by the end of the Euros for the club and the country.

You can see it in his performances and he needs to be on the squad sheet for Jurgen Klopp as often as possible, because right now he’s Liverpool’s biggest goal threat.

More than Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at the moment, I must say.

Jota looks most likely, he’s hungry and the desire to reach the goals and the confidence he had before the injury, he’s still there.

There is no shortage for that while the other three might be a bit right now.

Believe me, when you’ve been away for so long like Jota, you want to play every game, two, three times a week.

He will want to make up for lost time.

Who knows how different Liverpool’s season could be if Jota hadn’t been injured?

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Look at the six games lost at Anfield this calendar year, there might have been three or four goals, which could have given them up to 10 extra points.

It’s like that with the strikers. You get the first goal and it’s a whole different game.

I am thinking in particular of the match against Burnley, when Divock Origi missed that big chance just before half-time at 0-0.

Jota, with his confidence, wouldn’t have done that. He would have imagined his chances there.

It’s like that with the strikers in good shape.


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