Detroit Lions Free Agency Week 1 Recap: 4 Winners, 2 Losers

Detroit Lions Free Agency Week 1 Recap: 4 Winners, 2 Losers

The Detroit Lions’ first week of free agency is in the books, and if there’s one thing to take away from the furious NFL early days of the league’s New Year, it’s that the Lions are going to be watching. very different from last year. They may not be better. They may not be worse. But they are definitely going to be different.

The roles of many players will change or completely evaporate in Detroit. Some appear to have benefited from Detroit’s moves, while others may be struggling.

So here are four winners and two losers from the first week of Lions free agency.

Winner: Kenny Golladay

Despite a deflated large receiver market, Kenny Golladay was paid. Although many laugh and roll their eyes when a report surfaced that Golladay wanted $ 18.5 million a year, he almost accomplished it. Despite missing 11 games last year and a few minor clashes with the former Lions coaching staff, Golladay has passed the New York Giants. rigorous interviews.

In the end, Kenny Golladay proved the skeptics wrong and got himself a big contract in probably his last chance before hitting 30. Good for him.

Winner: Logan Stenberg

Joe Dahl’s exit by the Lions was a bit of a surprise. In addition to letting Oday Aboushi sign with the Chargers, the Lions will now miss their starter and their main replacement at the right guard.

While it’s likely Detroit will add depth to the offensive line in the near future, the way is now open for Stenberg – a 2020 fourth-round pick – to enter the roster and potentially start. Although Stenberg didn’t play a single attacking game last year, his style of play could very well match the type of tough football that head coach Dan Campbell is looking for.

Perdant: Jared Goff

Forget the fact that Goff was fired from a successful Los Angeles Rams team and lands with one in a complete rebuild (whether he wants to admit it or not). Even with that out of the equation, it wasn’t a good week for Goff.

First, the Lions failed to commit to Goff as a long-term quarterback, simply saying he should be the starter in 2021, but admitting that if the right value is there, the quarterback is still on the table with their first round. take.

And if this is a one or two year audition for Goff, the Lions haven’t really prepared him for success. Despite having a decent offensive line and the running back team looking good, Detroit let Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr. and Jamal Agnew walk. They added only Tyrell Williams and Breshad Perriman, neither of whom are planning to be a No.1 receiver and both come with significant risks. Sure, the Lions probably aren’t done adding large receivers this offseason, but as of now, Goff isn’t exactly looking at an arsenal of weapons.

That being said, Goff had a huge win this weekend:

Gagnant: Nick Williams

Many – myself included – viewed Nick Williams as one of the easiest decisions for the Lions. With an inflated ceiling of $ 5.7 million hit in 2021 and just $ 1 million in potential dead ceiling, cutting Williams, who provided a small pass rush last year, seemed like a no-brainer.

But the Lions chose to remove Danny Shelton instead, and while it’s never a wise move to read too many vague social media posts, it looks like the Lions may have given Williams assurance that he will stay with the team this year:

The Lions can appreciate his rushing skills and feel they can get more from him than the previous coaching staff.

Gagnant: The Okwaras

Romeo Okwara probably never went anywhere else in Detroit, but he did extremely well over the $ 39 million he signed with the Lions just before free agency opened. With the way the contract is put together, he’s basically guaranteed that he’ll be on the roster for the next two years – likely for all three of his extension.

But the real benefit here isn’t monetary. Romeo has made it clear how important it is to stay in Detroit with his newly drafted brother Julian. Being able to play – and live – with your brother is an invaluable experience, and it’s one that is likely to be mutually beneficial. Anyone who’s had a sibling knows how much he can motivate, and a young player like Julian will undoubtedly benefit from the mentorship of someone like Romeo.

Loser: Kerryon Johnson

A few weeks ago, I argued that Kerryon Johnson could potentially push for the role of RB2 after proving he was a great pass blocker last year. When Duce Staley told us how impressed he was with Johnson as a full-back, it looked like Detroit might be headed in that direction.

However, with the signing of Jamaal Williams, it’s clear that Johnson will, once again, take a backseat in the backup. I don’t blame the Lions for this decision, as Johnson’s injury history and severe knee problem make it hard to trust him in a big role. However, for Johnson that could mean another tough season of a few touches and plenty of blocking assignments. It’s certainly not what he expected when he was drafted in the second round three years ago.


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