Home Sports Derrick Rose details horrific battle of COVID-19

Derrick Rose details horrific battle of COVID-19

Derrick Rose details horrific battle of COVID-19

Derrick Rose has a pandemic warning.

COVID-19 has been a massive struggle for many NBA players this season. With the season not playing out in a bubble, players have been forced to cope with the current situation even though it ultimately put them at increased risk of catching the virus. Recently, this is exactly what happened to Derrick Rose when he tested positive for COVID-19. In fact, Rose must have missed eight games with the virus, although now he can return to the Knicks’ lineup.

Speaking to reporters, Rose revealed that he is dealing with all of the symptoms associated with the virus and that it is one of the worst things he has ever had to face in his life. As you can see from his words, it was a heartbreaking experience and he did not wish anyone.

” That is true. The COVID thing, I know a lot of people ignore it but it’s very serious. It’s real… I had the flu. It was nothing like the flu… It was that time 10, ”he told The Athletic.

With the vaccine made available to millions of people across the United States, we hope this pandemic is over as soon as possible. It was difficult for a wide variety of people, and the world of sport was particularly affected.

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