Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers explain Sixers’ acquisition of George Hill

Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers explain Sixers' acquisition of George Hill

The Philadelphia 76ers made a move Thursday that they believe will help position them for a deep playoff series they think they’re ready for. They acquired veteran George Hill from the Oklahoma City Thunder on a 3-team contract that gives them a solid backup point guard.
Hill played 127 playoff games in his career, and has appeared in the NBA Finals as well as a few races for the Eastern Conference Finals during his career. On top of that, he’s a career 38.4% deep shooter and he’s a solid defender.

He’s the type of two-way player President Daryl Morey and coach Doc Rivers are looking for.

“I think Doc had recently made some good comments about finding a two-way guard and what he thought was one of the very few needs for us,” Morey said. “That’s what we have with George. A seasoned two-way guard who can shoot at a very high level and defend at a high level.

When Hill is put in the right role, he can be a really solid player for any team. He shot 46% deep in the 2019-20 season with the Milwaukee Bucks and he’s a solid veteran who can help a pretty young team. This is something people forget as Philadelphia relies on younger players off the bench.

“He’s really a solid veteran,” Rivers said. “Just one of those guys who just love it on your team. He shoots the ball, defends well, a good veteran, and we really are a young team. Adding a veteran like him will be great for us.

On top of that, Morey placed an emphasis on acquiring every shot possible to ensure the ground is properly spaced at all times for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to operate. That’s what Hill brings to the table and his ability to defend is what made him attractive to the Sixers.

“Obviously shooting is a bonus for us, and I think he (Hill) may have led the NBA in shooting recently,” Morey added. “I think it’s been a big theme for us to get the shot in a two-player like the Danny genre. I see it as sort of an acquisition like we did with Danny Green. A guy who’s been through a lot of playoff wars.

A red flag for some could be the fact that Hill has not played a game since January 24 due to thumb surgery. However, Morey isn’t too worried about it.

Our medical staff haven’t had a chance to assess him yet, but we understand his time is being measured and I don’t want to give a timeline, but it’s not long.

“He had a problem where he chose to have surgery so that it would never be a problem again,” he explained. “I think it delayed his recovery, but once he gets back apparently it will be something that will never bother him again. We are therefore very optimistic about his medical future.

A big big sticking point in all of this is that the Sixers can now deploy a unit of guys who can provide good play on both ends of the floor. Philadelphia will be a little deeper now heading into the playoffs in May with a seasoned and experienced team.

“I think one thing Coach Rivers and Coach (Dan) Burke can do right now is put five good playoff-tested players who can play both ends on the floor at the same time if they want to do it in a tight time, ”Morey finished. “We are very excited about this.”

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