Daniel Bryan Says WWE Contract ‘Coming Soon’, Talks About Mental Wrestling

Daniel Bryan Says WWE Contract 'Coming Soon', Talks About Mental Wrestling

Daniel Bryan has been enjoying his WWE career right now since returning to pro wrestling in 2018, but he will soon have to make a decision that may change the course of not only his career, but his life as well.
When his current contract with WWE expires, the former World Champion will have to decide whether he wants to continue to miss important moments with his young children while wrestling across the world or hang his boots on at a relatively young age. to be with his family.

Bryan opened up about his mental struggles over the impending decision in a recent interview with Talk Sport, and he explained that he had to decide what was most important to him:

“For me my contract is coming up soon and stuff like that, so it’s really just an assessment of what’s most important to me. Go out and do this stuff that I love every week, but being away from my family, being away from my wife and kids three days a week, and they’re at this point that you’ll never come back to.

I think it’s a little different when they get to school and the weather isn’t as slow as it is today. But we have no more children and our son is seven months old. Our daughter will be four years old in May and it goes so quickly. You don’t want to waste this time, as a human. There are some things you can never get back.

Daniel Bryan then explained how he found himself exhausted when he returned home every Saturday. He revealed that he started drinking coffee after his return because he wanted to be energetic and present himself for his children.

He mentioned how he was grappling with those thoughts right now and trying to decide what was most important. Daniel also discussed how the financial side of things might be a factor in his decision saying he could financially settle his children for the rest of their lives if he decides to continue struggling:

“What do you personally like, but also what is most important. This is the fight I am facing right now – what is most important?

“Because one of the other things is, from a financial standpoint, you can prepare your kids for the rest of our lives, can’t you? You can do it. But the tradeoff is that you can’t be there for them every day.

Although later in the interview Daniel Bryan admitted that while this is a difficult question to ask, it is a truly blessed question to have. Daniel Bryan was added to the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Edge at WrestleMania during this week’s episode of SmackDown and this match is likely to be the main event of the Show of Shows this year.


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