Dabo Swinney on Deshaun Watson: “We are disappointed to see his name in the news and all that is going on”

Dabo Swinney on Deshaun Watson:

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The NFL hasn’t said much, the Texans haven’t said much, Deshaun Watson hasn’t said much. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said more than anyone linked to Watson on Monday about his current legal issues.

“We’re disappointed to see his name in the news and all that is going on,” Swinney said after a workout Monday, via TheClemsonInsider.com. “Listen, I love Deshaun Watson. He’s like a son to me. That’s the way I like it. As far as all the legalities and all that, this will all take its course and everything. We certainly cannot speculate or comment on any of these.

“But all I can tell you is I’ve known Deshaun since he was in ninth grade.” And that he has been nothing but exemplary in all areas in which I have ever known him. Three years here, as a player, I think I had the opportunity to yell at him once because he was five minutes late for a team meeting. he slept too long. And that’s all. This is the Deshaun I know. I can only base my thoughts on my experiences with him, which have been wonderful. Again I love him like a son and we’ll just have to see where everything else goes from there.

We would expect Swinney to say nothing different about Deshaun. Indeed, a week ago, Watson would have been near the top of the list of NFL players least likely to be involved in any kind of off-court issues.

But there are just too many allegations at this point to trust a past reputation or a history of good manners. These are serious allegations which require further investigation. The fact that the list of complainants reaches 14 and continues to grow makes this even more important.

If Watson is faultless, the situation calls for a much more aggressive PR push than we’ve seen in the past six days. Common sense suggests that those who are falsely accused shout their innocence from the rooftops.

The quid pro quo for this is that anything Watson says can and will be used against him, in civil court or possibly in criminal proceedings. Still, silence does not help his case in the court of public opinion. At this point, Watson has most likely lost that battle by default.


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