COVID survivor Ryo Nagaoka returns home after 2 months in hospital, in rehabilitation in empty apartment – CBS New York

COVID survivor Ryo Nagaoka returns home after 2 months in hospital, in rehabilitation in empty apartment - CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – After nearly losing his life to COVID, an East Village man lost all of his belongings, returning from the hospital to find that building management had emptied his apartment.
After being in hospital and in rehab for two months with COVID, Ryo Nagaoka couldn’t wait to be back home on Wednesday, where he has lived for more than two decades.

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“I turned the door with my key… It didn’t work. I was surprised, ”he told CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

So when the super opened the door for him, there was no way to prepare for what was or was not inside.

“I saw the whole room empty except the piano was there,” Nagaoka said.

The piano and its pet turtle remained. Everything else had been cleaned up while he was fighting for his life.

“Shocked and surprised. I was amazed, ”he said.


According to a spokesperson for well-known real estate agent Barbara Corcoran, who would own the building with Alex Rodriguez, Nagaoka was too weak to open the door and gave super permission to smash it on the day she arrived at the hospital. .

As a result, the locks were replaced. The spokesperson said there had been no attempt to lock him out.

Corcoran says Nagaoka’s condition deteriorated, as did the condition of his apartment, and a biotech team was called in to clean it up.

” Are you angry? Layton asked.

“Not angry, I’m just stunned,” Nagaoka said.

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Corcoran’s spokesperson told CBS2 that there was no furniture in the apartment other than a dirty mattress, which posed a health concern and had to be thrown out.

Over time, Corcoran says Adult Protective Services were called, but no one could find the tenant in Apartment 14. She claims the crew were ordered to save everything. he could from home.

But neighbors say management cleaned up the premises prematurely. Even his passport was missing.

“All day long, people brought donations, money. Everyone asked for a GoFundMe, so we put that together, ”said neighbor Sierra Zamarripa.

He has already raised $ 35,000. The other tenants have spent the last two days bringing supplies, like bags of clothes, blankets and even a bed, up four flights of stairs.

“Radio, lots of socks and underwear, of course food,” Nagaoka said.

“Are you feeling lucky?” Layton asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Nagaoka said.

Fortunately, nice neighbors are watching over him, determined to make a humble man feel happy in his home again.

The neighbors then say they want to help Ryo find a lawyer and a job.

Management spent the day renovating the apartment and, according to the GoFundMe page, Corcoran donated $ 12,000.

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Jessica Layton of CBS2 contributed to this report.


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