Covid passport checks might be needed for ‘work, weddings and sporting events’

Covid passport checks might be needed for 'work, weddings and sporting events'

Covid passports could help remove social distancing sooner than expected (Photo: Getty)

Covid passport checks could be introduced at theaters, football matches, wedding venues and even some workplaces, it has been reported.

It is understood that ministers are considering using the NHS contact tracing app or creating a similar new version that produces a scannable QR code indicating that you are safe with Covid.

This may include proof of a vaccine, a negative test, or the presence of antibodies after the virus has healed.

The move would remove social distancing rules sooner than expected and possibly as early as May 17, when indoor hospitality is set to reopen, according to The Telegraph.

However, he could face backlash from MPs and others who have ethical concerns about so-called “health certificates”.

Critics say the idea is discriminatory and one step away from compulsory vaccination.

Covid health certificates could allow big events to unfold (Image: Getty)

But a government source said: ‘If we didn’t even take this issue into account, we would be forgoing the advantage we created for ourselves with the deployment of the Covid vaccine.

“It’s not the first thing we would have achieved, but we have had to do a lot of difficult things recently. “

The government insisted that no decision had yet been made amid a review of the idea led by Cabinet Minister Micheal Gove.

He is due to release provisional results next month after meetings with business groups, MPs, scientists and people with moral concerns about the idea.

The numbers involved in these discussions have revealed the scale of what is being considered.

Checks may be required at major events, including music festivals like Glastonbury and major sporting games like the Wembley Football Finals, according to the Telegraph, although that remains undecided.

Large wedding halls could also be allowed to carry out such checks so that hundreds of people could attend.

Vaccinated workers could also use the certificates to prove they are safe from Covid after coming into close contact with someone infected with the virus.

Builders, cleaners and electricians are among those who could use the certificates to reassure employers and do business, reports The Telegraph.

Pilot events involving ‘Covid status certification’ checks are expected to be included in the trials on how to safely open large events in the coming months.

The plan has received mixed reactions from industry leaders.

The plan has received mixed reactions from industry leaders (Photo: EPA)

Chris Naylor, chairman of the UK Weddings Taskforce industry group, said he was comfortable with the idea if it got him open.

But Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said allowing pubs to be full again on condition that drinkers’ Covid status is verified would force pubs to embrace the system.

“If it becomes a compromise between the possibility for our companies to increase their capacity by 30, 40, 50% or not, then it is not voluntary. You are forcing people’s hands, ”she said.

Previously, Boris Johnson had suggested that Covid passports would be introduced, but not before all adults were offered the vaccine.

He sought to allay fears amid the backlash for suggesting that pub owners might turn down punters who didn’t get the hang of it.

The comments drew criticism from industry players as well as scientists and MPs.

In a bid to allay the anger, the prime minister said on Thursday that there would be “a role for certification”, but that this could be limited to overseas travel.

He said there were “difficult problems … moral complexities, [and] ethical issues to be resolved ”, adding that“ whatever happens ”the reopening of the pub gardens on April 12 will not be affected.

He said: “You have to be careful how you do this, you might only be able to implement a full immunized passport program, even if you wanted such a thing, in the context where absolutely everyone. world had been offered a vaccine.

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