Covid death toll in London drops to zero

Covid death toll in London drops to zero

The number of people who have died with Covid in London has fallen to zero.
No deaths were recorded in the capital on Sunday with only seven people with coronavirus in intensive care.

There were also only two other reported deaths in the city on Monday – up from around 230 per day at the April 2020 peak, reports The Mirror.

Intensive care doctor Jim Down told the BBC: ‘We are around seven Covid-19 patients in the intensive care unit and we expect them to improve.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, but it poses new challenges.

“The backlog of people in need of hip replacement surgery and cancer treatment is vast. You have to start bringing them back but keep the hospitals ready for the third wave.

Figures released yesterday show that overall, another 23 people have died from coronavirus, while the number of first doses of the vaccine exceeded 30 million.

Daily case counts showed an additional 4,654 people tested positive for Covid, bringing the total number of people infected to more than 4.3 million.

The total number of people who have received a Covid vaccine stands at 30,444,829 across the UK for a first dose.

The number of people receiving a second dose of the vaccine is 3,674,266.


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