COVID-19: UK reports 58 deaths and 4,715 cases in past 24 hours | UK News

 COVID-19: UK reports 58 deaths and 4,715 cases in past 24 hours |  UK News

The UK has reported 58 coronavirus deaths and 4,715 cases in the last 24-hour period.

The death toll marks a drop from last Saturday, March 20, when 96 were recorded. Cases also fell week-over-week, down from 5587 reported last Saturday.

The first doses of vaccine administered across the UK are approaching 30 million, the figure now stands at 29,727,435, with some 3,293,517 people also receiving a second dose of the vaccine.

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‘I’ll be going to the pub in a few days’

The numbers come as Boris Johnson said there are nothing to dissuade to “continue on our road map to freedom” in terms of getting England out of the lockdown.

Addressing the Conservative Party’s spring virtual conference, Boris Johnson said he was eager to go to barbers, grab a pint in a pub and “unleash our economy and get the life we ​​love back” .

But he warned that if “we are in a different world from last spring”, you have to be “honest about the difficulties ahead”.

The “Stay local” measures have now been lifted in Wales, which means there are no travel restrictions in the country for the first time since December.

Six people from two households can also meet and exercise outdoors, with self-catering holiday accommodation allowed to reopen from today.

The relaxation of foreclosure rules in Wales does not apply to people living in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – but it could create challenges in the country’s border communities.

The prime minister also told the party conference that there remained unanswered questions about the impact of a third wave of coronavirus from Europe, as he said a “bitter experience” had shown that ‘a wave like the one in Europe would hit the UK “three weeks later”.

Countries on the continent face an increase in cases, with Germany tightening its border controls as Health Minister Jens Spahn called for another strict lockdown.

Meanwhile, Spain plans to use € 50million (£ 43million) of EU funds to reduced his work week to four days with the aim of preventing further epidemics of coronavirus.


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