COVID-19: Nationwide tells staff to ‘work anywhere’ as they remove desks | Economic news

 COVID-19: Nationwide tells staff to 'work anywhere' as they remove desks |  Economic news

The UK’s largest construction company told 13,000 employees they could ‘work anywhere’ while revealing plans to dramatically reduce office space in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The Nationwide Building Society’s offer to workers is the most relaxed approach to remote working taken by a UK banking employer to date, as lockdowns begin to ease.

The mutual said it would not renew leases for three offices at its base in Swindon but would keep its head office in the town.

COVID updates live from UK and around the world

Homework proved difficult for parents who had to juggle work and school before the students returned

Those affected are used to going to their desks in normal times, but have been working mainly from home (WFH) since COVID-19[feminine[feminine pandemic restrictions began a year ago, forcing them and millions of others to stay at home.

Nationwide’s move goes further than that of rivals including HSBC, Lloyds and NatWest, who have all announced plans to reduce office space but are likely to still require staff on certain days.

This change is seen as an opportunity by many employers to cut costs and give staff more freedom to manage their time.

Sky News reported last week that British Airways and Daily Mirror owner Reach were among other large employers to signal a more permanent change to remote work.

FILE PHOTO: A British Airways plane walks past the rear fins of an aircraft parked near Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain March 14, 2020
BA may sell West London headquarters to cut costs

In Nationwide’s case, he said he would continue to invest in office space by installing more collaboration spaces but with fewer traditional meeting rooms.

The lender said it was planning quieter areas as well, and said all traditional office workers will be able to join colleagues in branches.


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