Costa Coffee offers free hot drinks – how you can claim yours

Costa Coffee offers free hot drinks - how you can claim yours

Costa is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year – and marking the moment by offering free hot drinks to customers.
From today until Thursday April 1, anyone who buys a coffee from a Costa Express coffee machine and scans their mobile app will receive 300 free Costa points: enough to get a free drink next time.

Points are equivalent to £ 3 and can be spent at any participating Costa Coffee store or drive-thru in England, Wales and Scotland.

And if you don’t want a free drink, you can pick up food worth up to £ 3 instead.

A spokesperson for Costa Coffee Express explained: “It’s our anniversary and we want to kick off the celebrations with our customers, so what better way than to offer a free drink at home.

“As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift, now is a great time to meet up with friends outside over coffee.

“Our Costa Express machines serve the same Mocha Italia coffee beans and the same fresh semi-skimmed milk you expect in our Costa Coffee stores, so the quality of your experience is never compromised.

“We’ve also worked hard to revolutionize the self-serve experience, not only by delivering great-tasting coffee, but by giving customers the contactless option to order their favorite hot beverage through the Costa app, which means that ‘it is not necessary to touch any of our screens.

“We are delighted to launch the 50th anniversary celebrations of Costa Coffeee year and I can’t wait for our customers to join us in raising a glass… of espresso for the next fifty years! ”

Scroll down to find out how you can claim your free Costa drink / food:

How can you claim your free hot drink / food from Costa

  1. Visit a Costa Express machine (known as the “Costa Express Coffee Bar”) between Tuesday March 30 and Thursday April 1 – there are over 9,000 Costa Express machines in the UK. You can find your nearest one here.
  2. Buy a hot drink and scan the Costa app on your mobile phone. (If you don’t already have the app, you’ll need to download it first, then scan it.)
  3. Receive 300 points on your Costa app, or £ 3. Check if there is an expiration date for your points.
  4. Spend your 300 points on food up to a value of £ 3 or a free hot drink at a participating Costa store or drive-thru (conditions apply).
  5. Enjoy your hot drink or your free food!


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