Coronavirus News Live: EU says UK is not transparent about vaccine exports

Coronavirus News Live: EU says UK is not transparent about vaccine exports

British vaccinations against Covid-19: latest figures

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has criticized the UK’s “transparency” over vaccine supplies, saying she has “so far no knowledge of UK exports”.

She added “maybe I am wrong and expect their transparency” and demanded that AstraZeneca “honor the contract” they have concluded with the EU.

His comments to reporters cast new doubt on hopes for a resolution between the UK and the EU, which yesterday released a joint statement saying they want to create a ‘win-win situation’ and ‘expand the ‘offer of vaccines for all’.

Meanwhile, the government is considering converting the NHS app into a ‘pub passport’, according to The daily mail.

According to plans which are said to be being reviewed by Michael Gove, ad goers could receive virtual passes confirming that they have received the Covid-19 vaccine, had a recent negative test, or have antibodies.

The app could also be used to allow people to enter other venues and events without the need for social distancing.

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British vaccine passports “won’t be offered until everyone has been jabbed”

Robert Jenrick said national passports for vaccines will not be rolled out until everyone is offered the Covid-19 vaccine.
He told LBC Radio that passports were part of a “wide range of options” being considered “in the longer term, once the whole country has been vaccinated.”
Earlier, he told Times Radio that, if approved, the passport rollout would not take place by May, when some reception restrictions would be relaxed.
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 10:09

Minister responds to Von der Leyen’s vaccination

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick responded to European Commission President Ursual von der Leyen’s comment that she has “no knowledge” of UK vaccine exports to the EU.
When asked if the UK has indeed sent supplies, he told Sky News: “Vaccines are based on complex international supply chains.
“There are parts of vaccines produced in the UK, there are parts produced in parts of the European Union and even around the world – we work with the Serum Institute, for example, in India.
“It is therefore essential for all countries that medical products, including vaccines, circulate freely across international borders and it would be very detrimental for countries to start lifting drawbridges and preventing vaccines, drugs or some of them cross international borders and the UK strongly opposes this.
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 09:51

Mandatory hotel quarantine begins in Ireland

People arriving in Ireland from high-risk countries are to undergo a mandatory hotel quarantine from today.
Travelers from 33 countries that the Irish government has deemed high-risk, such as Brazil and South Africa, are required to stay in a hotel for 12 nights upon arrival.
This could be reduced by two days if the person tests negative on day 10.
The cost per adult for this stay inclusive of all services is € 1,875 (£ 1,600).
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 09:37

Publicity passports possible, confirms Minister

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said “pub passports” were possible – but not in the near future.
Speaking on Times Radio, he said the government is “taking the time to carefully consider this issue” and that “work is underway” on the passports, but denied the suggestion that it could be done by here the reduction of time restrictions in May.
“At the national level, there is a range of issues that we need to resolve, this work is ongoing and he will report back later,” he said.
“But if we go this route, we don’t expect it to be in the short term. … We are taking the time to carefully consider this issue. It is a complex question. ”
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 09:21

‘Pub Passports’ Could Be the Future of Indoor Mixing

“Pub passports” could be the future of social contact indoors.
According to reports in The temperature and The daily mail, the government plans to issue short-term passes to people with sufficient immunity to viruses, allowing them to enter pubs, restaurants and other places without the need for social distancing.
Plans which are said to be under consideration by Michael Gove include converting the NHS app into a site for these digital certificates which could be issued for as little as 24 hours and antibody tests performed on the blood of a person to determine if she is sufficiently immune to Covid.
Digital certificates could be issued to those who have received the Covid-19 vaccine or to those who have recently received a negative Covid test.
The plans, if announced to the public, are likely to be pushed back. The “vaccine passport” proposals have proven to be controversial on several occasions, as scientists and governments around the world debate their practical and ethical issues and implications.
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 09:10

EU says UK is not transparent on vaccine exports

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen took a hit on UK ‘transparency’ over vaccine exports, just a day after the row appeared to start to subside.
Yesterday, the UK and the EU issued a joint statement in which they hoped to create a “win-win situation” on vaccines.
But today Ms Von der Leyen said she had ‘so far no knowledge of UK exports’, adding’ maybe I’m wrong and [am] while waiting for their transparency ”.
She also called on AstraZeneca to “honor the contract” with the EU at an online summit of its leaders.
Ms Von der Leyen said AstraZeneca “must catch up, must honor the contract it has concluded with European member states, before it can start exporting vaccines again”.
She added: “We have global supply chains that need to be intact and it is of the utmost importance that we return to an attitude of openness.”
Earlier this month, the EU adopted a policy allowing member states to block vaccine shipments for export if additional injections are needed within the bloc.
It came amid a fierce vaccine dispute between the UK, which says it has been more successful in securing contracts, and the EU, which believes Britain should share more of its larger resources with the continent.
Joanna Taylor26 mars 2021 08:46

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