Coronavirus digest: Pakistani PM Khan tests positive for COVID | News | DW

 Coronavirus digest: Pakistani PM Khan tests positive for COVID |  News |  DW

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tested positive for the coronavirus two days after receiving his first dose of the vaccine, officials in Islamabad said.
Faisal Sultan, Khan’s special assistant for health, said the prime minister had quarantined himself at his private home in the country’s capital.

The government said the vaccine was not effective because Khan received it so recently and it was only the first of two required doses.

There has been a spike in COVID-19 cases in the capital and in eastern and northern Pakistan.

Authorities reported a daily total of 42 new deaths and 3,876 new coronavirus infections on Saturday.

Overall, the virus has killed nearly 14,000 people in Pakistan and infected more than 623,000.

L’Europe 

The GermanyAccording to a scientist based behind one of the first coronavirus vaccines, Europe should be able to end lockdowns for good by this fall. Ugur Sahin told the World on sunday newspaper that 70% of Germans would be vaccinated by that time.

Police in the United Kingdom arrested 36 people after thousands traveled to London to protest the ongoing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The Metropolitan Police Department said most of those taken into custody had broken months-old virus regulations that prohibit leaving their homes except for a limited number of reasons.


Mexico said to have recorded 5,729 new confirmed coronavirus infections and 608 additional deaths, the country’s health ministry said on Sunday.

It brings its total to 2,193,639 cases and 197,827 deaths, although the government estimates the actual number infected is likely much higher than the confirmed cases.

Paraguay has reached its full capacity of intensive care beds, according to Leticia Pintos, director general of the country’s health service.

The South American country has only 655 beds in all of its hospitals, she said.

Officials now plan to open new emergency clinics in military barracks to ease the strain on his healthcare system.

The news comes after opposition lawmakers lost an attempt to impeach President Mario Abdo on Wednesday for the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country of 7 million people.

Infections reached 192,599 and deaths 3,695 on Saturday, according to official data.

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