Coronavirus: 95-year-old woman “totally incapable” after receiving 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine one day apart

Coronavirus: 95-year-old woman

TORONTO – A 95-year-old woman in Toronto has been stranded in a hospital for more than two weeks after accidentally receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine on two consecutive days.
Brenda Whalen received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at her Toronto retirement home in early March, but a day later received another dose at North York General Hospital while she was visiting for the treatment of an unbound leg injury.

“(The hospital) said they tried to call the pharmacist at home, but the vaccines were not given by the home, but by a hospital,” said Cynthia Whalen, Brenda’s daughter. , to in a telephone interview.

“They said they had checked there, but they couldn’t get out of it. Nobody answered. or whatever their reasoning that they didn’t find out she got the second hit, then they gave her the third.

Cynthia said her mother became more and more confused after each dose of the vaccine, but after the third her condition changed dramatically for the worse.

“She’s totally incapacitated,” Cynthia said. “She has no idea, not only that it’s me… but that there’s someone there most of the time.” She can’t eat. She can’t walk.

“I don’t think I’ll have a conversation with her again.”

Cynthia said her mother was not in great shape before her vaccine and that she had an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection in December, so it may all be a coincidence, but doctors have not been able to figure out what’s wrong with it.

“They originally thought it was a stroke, but they did scans and so on, and there’s nothing wrong with finding,” Cynthia said. ” This is the problem. I understand the hospital needs beds so there is nothing they can do at this point to help.

North York General Hospital declined to comment, citing “patient confidentiality and confidentiality obligations.”

Whalen said once her mother is released from hospital she will need more care, which could lead to additional costs and the separation of her parents – who have been married for 70 years – in different units.

“She’s going to need to be fed… she’s going to need her meds.” So that’s $ 8,000 more than what we’re already paying, ”said Cynthia.

This isn’t the first time someone has been sent to hospital after mistakenly receiving an extra dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Victor Smith, 91, was sent to an Ohio hospital last month after receiving two doses of COVID-19 on the same day and going into shock.


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