Cody and Brandi Rhodes Reality TV Show Announcement

Cody and Brandi Rhodes Reality TV Show Announcement

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are heading to reality TV.
Tonight’s AEW Dynamite saw an advertisement for “Rhodes to the Top,” a new reality TV series starring AEW’s powerful couple. The trailer featured life at the Rhodes home, as well as behind-the-scenes photos of Tony Khan producing and chatting with MJF. The “unscripted series” is designed to take viewers behind the scenes of AEW.

In an official press release, AEW noted that the series would contain 30-minute episodes that will take viewers “into the lives of Cody and Brandi as they navigate their growing family while building the global wrestling empire. ‘AEW.’

The new series has received the seal of approval from many TNT television executives.

“I have witnessed the passion and dedication Cody and Brandi put into every facet of their lives and I know how important it is to the success and expansion of AEW,” said Sam Linsky , co-responsible of Scripted for TBS, TNT and truTV. “Now the world will get a glimpse of how they balance their personal wrestling careers, training center and leadership roles at AEW as they venture into one of life’s most daunting chapters. , parenthood.

“AEW fans know Brandi and Cody in the ring, and ‘Rhodes to the Top’ is going to lift the curtain of their lives off the mat,” said Corie Henson, EVP, Head of Unscripted for TBS, TNT and truTV. “Running a business together as the stars of ‘Dynamite’, juggling friends and family, and introducing a new baby to the Rhodes dynasty is sure to be a wild ride. ”

AEW founder Tony Khan further highlighted his enthusiasm for the new show, while teasing a future third hour of weekly wrestling programming coming to TNT later in 2021.

“I’m excited to expand AEW’s relationship with WarnerMedia and TNT, and Rhodes To The Top will represent a new outlet where our fans can connect more with characters they already love, and new viewers will be able to experience these personalities for the first time ”. Said Khan. “With our flagship show Dynamite and now Rhodes To The Top, in addition to our third hour of wrestling programming coming to TNT later this year, 2021 will be a historic year for AEW and our partnership with WarnerMedia.”

Cody and Brandi added that the show will be the “first real look behind the curtain and beyond the ring” as viewers will be able to see them “fail and succeed”.

You can see the trailer for the announcement below:


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