Chanelle Hayes lived as a “hermit” and rarely left home after her weight climbed to 17 stones

Chanelle Hayes lived as a

Chanelle Hayes says she became a “hermit” and didn’t want to leave her home when she was going through a period of extreme weight gain.
The ex-Big Brother daughter, 33, knew it was time for a change after slowly climbing 17 stones – which left her fearful of leaving home for an entire year as her confidence bottomed out.

The reality TV star, who has now lost an incredible seven stones after gastric sleeve surgery, was so ashamed of her figure after gaining six stones, going from a size 8 to 18, and would rather shut up at everything the world.

Chanelle Hayes dropped seven stones and she looks fabulous

” It was horrible. I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. I didn’t even want to leave the house or go anywhere – I was like a hermit in my house, ”Chanelle told The Sun, speaking candidly about how her frenzy got out of hand.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone for a year. I literally didn’t see anyone, so I definitely didn’t have a love life. I didn’t even have a life. ”

Chanelle also revealed that it had become so bad that she started turning down job offers, which she said “took a massive financial toll on me.”

Chanelle climbed 17 stones at her heaviest – and she became uncomfortable in her own skin

“Then the lockdown happened and I kept eating because of the stress and just bloated and got bigger and bigger,” she added.

Luckily, she’s in a much better place and it looks like the lockdown has finally worked in her favor, as she had a secret gastric sleeve fitted and lost seven stones.

The operation meant that she had a large part of her stomach removed to limit her food intake.

Chanelle, who often had to rush to the hospital for urgent visits about her health, had to face the facts when her blood pressure skyrocketed and her heart rate soared.

She now weighs just over 10 stones
She now weighs just over 10 stones

She now weighs just over 10 stones and looks absolutely fantastic.

The TV star has vowed to stop yo-yo dieting because she wants to set a good example for her kids and doesn’t want them to see her go through this phase.

Chanelle is now working as a nursing student and hopes to become a fully qualified nurse by 2024 – leaving her luxurious life in the limelight.

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