CFL dismisses report 2021 and 22 seasons could be called off

CFL dismisses report 2021 and 22 seasons could be called off

The CFL has rejected a claim by the United Football Players Association suggesting the league will likely cancel its 2021 and 22 seasons.
UFPA made the statement Tuesday in an update posted to Twitter regarding the CFL-XFL partnership. Last week, the two leagues jointly announced that they were starting serious discussions about a potential collaboration but that nothing had been formally agreed and that talking about a merger was very premature.

But the XFL also said it was suspending its spring 2022 return plans. On Tuesday, the UFPA announced on social media that there was “a high probability that the CFL will also cancel the 2021 and 2022 seasons.”

The organization concluded the update by saying, “We will be reaching out to the management of both leagues to discuss what we as players should be aware of moving forward. ”

Shortly thereafter, the CFL issued a statement dismissing the claim.

“UFPA has no status with the CFL,” the league said on its Twitter account. “We are of course negotiating with the ACFLP.

“The claims made on his behalf in our next season are wrong. We plan to play this year. And we are working very hard to play this year. This includes provincial and federal approvals for our health and safety plan. ”

The CFL plans to resume play in 2021 after canceling the ’20 campaign due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CFL quick to rebut UPFA’s claim

The rebuttal of the CFL prompted an immediate response from the UPFA.

“For the record, the only ‘statement made was that’ several sources, including former and current coaches and league officials, have told us that there is a high probability that the CFL could cancel …”, a- he said on Twitter. “It’s 100% true. This is exactly what several sources have done.

“We would love nothing more for you to come out and say there is no way 2021 or 2022 will be canceled and they haven’t even been considered.

“We hope what we’re hearing isn’t true, but when half a dozen respected people mention it, we feel the need to shine a light on it. These are OUR jobs / opportunities. All that we want as actors (it is) for more transparency and not to let us guess our future.

The ACFLP was not immediately available for comment.

Details of UFPA are limited. On its website, it describes itself as a “501c4 Domestic Nonprofit Corporation registered in the State of Texas which was founded by, directed and organized by current and former professional American football players (NFL, XFL, CFL, AAF) to facilitate communication, education and empowerment of players not represented by the Association of National Football League Players. ”

The association would be made up of former NFL, XFL, Alliance of American Football and CFL players with the goal of negotiating benefits similar to those of the NFLPA. According to a source, the UPFA was formed after the XFL shut down last year and ultimately filed for bankruptcy before being bought for $ 15 million by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, his business partner Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital Partners – a private investment firm.

The source added that the UFPA was created for non-union players with the aim of being an advocate for players’ rights. The Association is said to be fighting two cases against both the XFL and the American Alliance of Football, another spring football league that withdrew before ending its first season of operation in 2019.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity, with the UPFA, AAF and XFL not all disclosing details of the two cases.


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