Celebrity social media roundup for March 31, 2021

Celebrity social media roundup for March 31, 2021

Gwyneth Paltrow made a 12 minute beauty video for Vogue and that’s exactly what you’d expect from her, lots of vague promises of wellbeing. But would it be GP without a little trolling? She mentions sunscreen and makes some interesting claims and dabs on it very sensibly, pretty much the opposite of what most dermatologists would say. Sunscreen is always a priority for healthy skin as well as preventative skin care. One thing that brings me up the wall is that a lot of celebrities do it with a face full of makeup. Who puts on eye patches without putting on makeup? Vogue also didn’t do a great job with the music, which is what you would expect from the cable company. (Thanks for sending Anum!)

The funny thing about those celebrity vaccine selfies is that 97% of the reviews are positive, but there’s always a ding dong that says “hOwMUch did you pay too much ??????? ?? He even beat them up with a joke.

I think option A. But option B would be fun.

So there was competition between the sexiest bald men and people are outraged that Stanley Tucci didn’t win. You know who’s probably relived a bit? Felicity Blunt.

Channing Tatum has been very calm this year, but he’s riding here, so some of you might take advantage. (Lainey: Also Zoe Kravitz commented on this post with a fire emoji, if you’re following that.)


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