Carter Hart receives support from teammates, criticized by coaches

Carter Hart receives support from teammates, criticized by coaches

Carter Hart has been absolutely terrible this season. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Flyers are pushing their way off the playoff table, allowing more goals than the other team can score at a reliable pace. Two completely related things that simply described a disappointing finish and a stressful offseason in a gigantic permanent marker on the arm of everyone who cares about this team.

A falling fall in the destructive save percentage has finally led us into this echoing tunnel where we continue to yell at each other, while front office and coaching staff continue to wonder why.

But not in this healthy question why and in the hope of the best, but a somewhat personal and weirdly one-sided blame directed at Hart and his performance this season.

What really drives this quote from head coach Alain Vigneault is how he ended his statement about Hart’s current role in practice. According to him, it looks like – as he points his ghostly crooked finger at her face with his words – he’s lazily walked his way through all this year. Just casually making his way into his third season in the NHL.

“I had a good conversation with him and Kim (Dillabaugh) about my expectations about his training habits and stopping the puck,” just sadly feels blunt and throws him under the bus. I’m just a modest blogger so I don’t know how much I should consider this as targeted exposure and near-humiliation for the media; publicly criticizing the player who has carried much of the defensive responsibilities that Vigneault’s own team have endured in recent years. Hart has just returned to his human state and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so maybe Mr. Stick To Hockey should give that some thought.

Just hours after Vigneault spoke to the media, defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere discussed Hart’s situation ahead of Monday’s game against the Buffalo Sabers, defending his work ethic and how he has trained this year.

Of course, it all comes down to peer support and evaluating your pseudo-boss, but considering how important a position Hart is playing in the future of this franchise and how Vigneault he just likes to let young players build declining confidence, that’s telling. how different the two sides feel.

Obviously goalkeepers are weird and we never really know how bad or good you can be from season to season, but removing this odd mid-pandemic season from the picture, Hart is someone to just believe in and it seems his teammates are feeling it. .

All it takes is a little patience and general understanding, and maybe no media bullshit.


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