Cardi B tweets to Candace Owens about WAP Grammys performance

Cardi B tweets to Candace Owens about WAP Grammys performance

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images pour The Recording Academy

No matter how much editing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion did for “WAP,” it was never going to be enough for Fox News. The rappers cleaned up their dirty trick just enough to play it at the March 14 Grammys, even uttering suggestive lines like “bucket” and “little dangling thing” – with, of course, the titular line. Still, they gave Fox News something to tell the following night, with Candace Owens telling Tucker Carlson that the performance of “WAP” had contributed to “a weakening of American society.” (No, “WAP” doesn’t actually mean “Weak American Audience”.) “Yaaaayyyyyyy WE DID FOX NEWS GUYS !!! ” Cardi tweeted in response to a clip of Owens’ appearance. “Actually, I’m just going to thank Candy,” added Cardi. in another tweet. “She put my performance on Fox News by giving her more views, which increased views on YouTube and counts for my feeds and sales 😜 STREAM ‘UP’ AND ‘WAP’. another answer to the Fox clip, Cardi added, “Wow. Imagine if “WAP” caused the downfall of the American Empire and not the bomb threats from North Korea, terrorism, racism or bad government? !! IT WOULD BE SO ICONIC !!! ”

Eventually, Cardi’s tweets went to Candy herself. Candy accused Cardi – calling her by her birth name, Belcalis – of encouraging “young women to strip themselves of their dignity”, in a quote tweet. “I don’t know why Candy is so bothered by ‘WAP’. I was just inspired by our former first lady, ”Cardi tweeted in response, with a nude model photo of Melania Trump, she scribbled-censored. When Candy then asked Regarding “Cardi’s obsession with the Trump family,” Cardi replied, “I’m obsessed with her being my idol.

At press time, Cardi and Candy’s back and forth trips are always To go fort. Not even an old tweet from Candy about Cardi can put that beef in bed (even if she was right, Cardi Is believe in freedom). If you need us, we’ll broadcast “WAP” and “Up” and wait until the day we have First Lady Cardi B.


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