Car driver pushed half a mile on Toronto freeway recalls ‘terrifying’ ordeal

Car driver pushed half a mile on Toronto freeway recalls 'terrifying' ordeal

As she climbed the slip road on one of Toronto’s busiest highways, Courtenay Erhardt knew her car had been hit by a truck. What she didn’t expect was to keep going for more than half a mile.
The 26-year-old RN was on her way to a city shelter to help administer the COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday morning when a dump truck hit her Mini Cooper from behind.

“And then he continued,” Erhardt told CBC News. His car ended up on its side with the truck’s engine against the driver’s side window before being pushed up the ramp on what police estimated to be over 500 yards before finally coming to a stop.

“It was terrifying. I just remember screaming and crying and thinking, “OK, I’m going to die,” “Erhardt recalls.

WATCH | The driver recounts how her car was pushed by a truck on a Toronto freeway:

The driver of a Mini Cooper recounts the terrifying moment a dump truck pushed his car over half a mile down the Gardiner Freeway on Tuesday morning. Toronto police said the driver of the truck had been charged. 1:26

“’Either my car will start to turn, or it will run over me, or I will turn in circles… and get hit by oncoming traffic.’

“It was like an eternity. ”

Toronto police released a video on Wednesday showing the big red truck pushing the Mini Cooper over a slip road and onto the Gardiner Freeway.

The video, apparently captured in a condo above the downtown freeway, was originally posted on the video-sharing site TikTok.

Loaded Dump Truck Driver

Police said they charged the driver of the dump truck with several driving and utility vehicle offenses.

Const. Scott Matthews said the driver of the Mini Cooper was fortunate enough to escape with only minor injuries.

These injuries, Erhardt said, include neck pain, dizziness, headaches, and body aches in general.

She said it was nothing compared to what could have happened without a pair of Good Samaritans, a couple who came from behind the truck and managed to stop it.

“I was just crying, hoping he would stop, and someone would see me and stop the truck,” Erhardt said.

It was not known how the couple managed to stop the truck.

Photos of the Mini Cooper posted on Instagram following the incident show damage to the car. (@ courtenayerhardt / Instagram)

When stopped, Erhardt said she was frozen, unable to get out of the car. The couple who stopped the truck rushed towards her, managed to get her out of her passenger’s door and stayed with her until the police arrived.

Police said Erhardt was assessed at the scene by paramedics but was not transferred to hospital.

“I am extremely grateful that it ended the way he did and that I was able to leave,” she said. “It really is a miracle. ”


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