Campaign halted to end sexual harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces

Campaign halted to end sexual harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces

The country’s senior acting military commander has officially ended Operation Honor, the high-profile campaign to eradicate sexual misconduct from the military ranks.
In a message to members of the Canadian Armed Forces on Wednesday evening, Lieutenant-General. Wayne Eyre said the nearly six-year-old program has ended, but the search for another way to end inappropriate behavior and sexual violence will continue.

“Operation Honor has peaked and so we are going to close it down, harvest what worked, learn from what didn’t work and develop a deliberate plan to move forward,” he said. .

Eyre told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday that the program may have run its course and may need to be replaced. But her remarks to the quadripartite committee on the status of women did not allow the operation to be formally canceled.

Last week, in making her resignation public, one of the country’s most decorated combat veterans said the campaign had lost all credibility in light of allegations of misconduct against the military’s two most senior commanders.

Lieutenant Colonel. Elenor Taylor said she was “disgusted” by what she had witnessed and could no longer continue to serve. She had been one of the brightest lights in the military, a company commander in Afghanistan and the country’s elite senior special forces staff officer.

Eyre served with her during the war in Afghanistan and testified that he spoke to her about his decision to leave. Taylor had left the regular force and served as the deputy commander of a reserve brigade on the East Coast.

It has been a month since Admiral Art McDonald resigned his post as Chief of the Defense Staff after military police opened an investigation into a ten-year-old allegation of inappropriate behavior against him.

Military Police are also investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against McDonald’s predecessor, General Jonathan Vance.

Eyre also told the Commons committee on Tuesday that he had requested a “manual” on how to handle future misconduct complaints against senior military officials.

Two parliamentary committees are investigating sexual misconduct in the military.


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