Bridgerton’s Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor reportedly ‘closer and closer’ after meeting in New York

Bridgerton's Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor reportedly 'closer and closer' after meeting in New York

There are a lot of people who have watched Bridgerton on Netflix during the holidays and then started shipping the Duke and Duchess of Hastings aka Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor in real life. This did not materialize, although I would like you to let me know whether or not there are any Bridger-hards living in a fantasy world in which RJ and Phoebe are secretly married and raising two children, like the Twi-Hards do. with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
The reality is that RJ has a girlfriend and he and Phoebe are co-stars. And it seems that Phoebe has taken her romantic attention elsewhere. According to the Sun, she and Pete Davidson are “getting closer.” They met in New York last month and with Saturday Night Live on hiatus in recent weeks, he apparently flew to england to hang out with her. The Sun claims to have been seen together last week “near her home in North London and again in Altrincham, Great Manchester, where she grew up”.

Well, there is tourism and then there is tourism in your hometown, which suggests a situation more than friends. Once again, Pete Davidson met a girl of the moment. And you know what I like about it? Imagine if it was Justin Timberlake? The ego would be out of control. Pete, however, doesn’t rock his dick about it, at least that was never my reading on him. That’s part of it, the BDE, Big Dick Energy, right? If we still use this expression. That said, it’s been over a year since Pete and Kaia Gerber broke up in early 2020. Since then, and I’m sure the pandemic has something to do with it, he’s single and said he’s been working on him. – even after a few years of consecutive short relationships. Maybe he’s in a different place now. And ready for something really special with Phoebe.

As for the way they met …

According to Page Six, Phoebe was in New York City in February. It was then that Regé-Jean hosted SNL. So the Bridger-hards might actually have a conspiracy theory to spin off, LOL. As in… did she go there to be with RJ and they hide their secret romance by using Pete as a distraction ?! It’s a classic #RobstenIsUnbroken movement. All the girlfriends Robert and Kristen have ever had are smokescreens for their epic love. Can there be an equivalent Bridgerton conspiracy?


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