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Europeans were hoping for a better and happier year 2021 – after seemingly endless months of Covid disease, death and economic hardship linked to the pandemic. However, so far the EU has not covered itself with glory. EU countries are lagging far behind Israel, the UK and the US when it comes to hitting the arms.

A number of EU members have also stumbled nationally, with highly criticized deployments of the vaccines they have managed to secure, in Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and beyond.
Meanwhile, this week, a number of EU countries have suspended use of AstraZeneca, following reports of blood clots in some recipients.

Many across the continent called the move “political” and even accused the leaders of putting more lives at risk.

Nicola Magrini, the director general of the Italian Medicines Authority, told the Repubblica daily that the Oxford vaccine was safe and that the benefit / risk ratio of the vaccine was “largely positive”.

As confidence in the EU’s strategy continues to wane, George Mason University economist professor Tyler Cohen has explained how Brexit Britain will emerge victorious from the crisis.

He wrote: “I repeat, whether it’s the AI, the Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine, the speed of the current vaccination program, this shift to greener energy, the re-emergence of Oxbridge. , the new DARPA inspired by Dominic Cummings. plan to fund science, or London being the best city in the world – Britain today remains vastly underestimated. ”

Matt Clifford, co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, the world’s largest talent investor, added on Twitter: “Tyler Cowen is right.

“Britain is underestimated by its critics, internal and external.

“Lots of reasons to be optimistic. ”

To date, more than 24 million people have already received a first dose of Covid vaccine in the UK.

Immunization teams are now working their way through the priority list of people in their fifties and young adults with disabilities.

British experts say there will be a sharp increase in the number of people offered Covid vaccinations in the coming days.

The number of shots given is expected to exceed 4 million this week, nearly double what has been achieved per week recently, according to NHS sources.

This should mean that everyone over 50 will have received at least one dose by the end of the month.

That would put the NHS deployment two weeks ahead of schedule.

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London has especially attracted highly skilled people and those in digital or professional positions.

London appears to be most popular for workers from countries with historical and linguistic ties to the UK, such as South Africa and Nigeria, as well as for those with historical work ties, such as Portugal and the United Kingdom. Romania.

The most advantaged sectors in London were legal (21%), insurance (21%), finance (20%) and health and social services (18%).

The United Kingdom retained its fifth place in the ranking of the most desirable countries for work, while the United States lost its place at the top of the list for the first time.


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