Brampton transit operator dies after contracting COVID-19

Brampton transit operator dies after contracting COVID-19

A Brampton Transit driver has died after contracting COVID-19.
ATU Canada, the union that represents Brampton Transit drivers, announced Friday that Dael Muttly Jaecques has passed away.

Francesco Vani, executive chairman of the Brampton union local, told CBC News it was “a very difficult time.

“We have lost one of our brothers,” he said.

Vani said Jaecques was an exceptionally friendly, helpful and outgoing person who left behind a wife and a daughter.

Jaecques was “an integral part of the union” and was vice-president for four years, he said.

Jaecques was driving on Brampton Transit line 502, said Vani, which crosses line 511.

Peel Public Health said earlier this month it was investigating a number of cases of COVID-19 among Brampton Transit employees, primarily on Route 511, which runs along Steeles Avenue East.

Vani said line 511 was due to be closed last week. The city and Brampton Transit have implemented appropriate pandemic safety protocols for workers, he said, but more needs to be done in law enforcement for users.

There just aren’t enough regulations or safety measures to keep up with the volume of passengers, he said.

“Aside from the enforcement of the regulations by the passengers, everything else has been adequate. However, enforcement of the regulations for passengers was urgently lacking.


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