Boston Celtics emerge as pioneers of Land Aaron Gordon

Boston Celtics emerge as pioneers of Land Aaron Gordon

The Boston Celtics are considered the favorites to add Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon via trade, multiple sources confirmed to The Action Network on Monday night. While part of a deal is under active discussion and seen as the main offer, sources say no deal has been reached and the Magic are expected to continue accepting offers until Thursday’s deadline. .
The list of Gordon contenders has grown in recent days, with the Nuggets, Blazers and Mavericks, as well as longtime contenders the Houston Rockets, who had targeted Gordon in three-way conversations during James’ trade talks. Harden.

Houston in particular, and as previously reported by The Athletic, recently offered two first-round picks for Gordon, but was unable to close a deal due to Gordon’s reluctance to sign an extension with Houston, have confirmed sources.

Boston, several confirmed sources, offered two first-round picks. No other team on the board has yet reached this level of supply. It is not yet clear what kinds of protections are attached to these talks, but there is an assumption that there will be some, if not significant, protections for early players.

Additionally, the setting involves Evan Fournier traveling to Boston, the Celtics sending in a player, both picks and using their traded player exception from Gordon Hayward’s trade.

As for the player, negotiations continue with the Magic preferring Marcus Smart as Boston is reluctant to part ways with their longtime emotional heart and their All-Defensive guard.

Boston’s traded player exception is not eligible to be dealt with another player, so sources suggest the framework would include multiple trades as part of a larger framework.

The Denver Nuggets are seen as another strong contender with Will Barton, Bol Bol and the Compensation Project among the assets offered. The Portland TrailBlazers are actively pursuing Gordon, but sources close to the talks increasingly feel that Portland won’t be able or willing to match competing offers.

A trade involving Gordon for the Boston traded player exception would create another TPE for the Magic, giving them a trading asset they can use for future trades. There is still reluctance from sources not involved in the discussions that the Magic will actively pursue trades involving its heart.

Gordon becomes a free agent in the summer of 2022, giving teams a year and a half to assess his suitability or sign him for a long-term extension. Gordon is averaging 14.7 points, 6.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game for the Magic, while shooting a career-high 40.2 percent from 3 points.


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