Birx says inconsistent message was ‘biggest mistake’ in fight against COVID-19

Birx says inconsistent message was 'biggest mistake' in fight against COVID-19

In a documentary aired Sunday night on CNN, the former White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah BirxDeborah BirxFauci: Trump’s call to ‘liberate’ Virginia, Michigan ‘hit me like a punch in the chest’ Fauci says he and Birx had roles of ‘bad cop’, ‘good cop’ in Trump coronavirus task force on Sunday shows: Biden border issues, gun control dominates MORE said the biggest mistake the federal government made in managing the pandemic was failing to deliver “consistent messages.”
“The federal government has not delivered consistent messages to the American people,” Birx told CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, adding that it was “the biggest mistake ever.”

Birx gave the assessment by appearing in a CNN documentary titled “COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out.” Anthony FauciAnthony FauciFauci: Trump’s call to ‘liberate’ Virginia, Michigan ‘hit me like a punch in the chest’ Fauci says he and Birx had roles of ‘bad cop’, ‘good cop’ in Trump Coronavirus Task Force Florida Coronavirus Variant Cases CONTINUED, former director of the CDC Robert RedfieldRobert Redfield WHO report says animal transmission is most likely source of coronavirus: Redfield report says he believes COVID-19 started spreading in Wuhan in September or October Blinken suggests that the United States will not take punitive action against China over COVID-19 PLUS and former Assistant Secretary of Health Brett Giroir were also featured in the documentary.

“I think a lot about what I could have done better because I never want us to make the same mistakes,” Birx told Gupta. When Gupta asked if she was upset by the Biden administration’s decision not to keep her, she said she was “encouraged” that a coronavirus team was continuing to operate in the White House.

She also added that she was unprepared for the politics involved in working for the White House when she began near the start of the pandemic.

During the documentary, Fauci said he had been the “bad cop” while Birx took on the role of “good cop” on the Trump administration’s COVID-19 task force. Fauci said he thought Birx “was in a much more difficult situation” than him.

“She had an office there in the West Wing,” Fauci said. “So I’m very, very reluctant to condemn anything – even though there are people who think she should have pushed more, she probably should have.

“But boy, she did a lot of good,” he added. “She knocked herself out on waking up at 3 in the morning gathering this data by presenting it every day. “


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