Bills get Mitchell Trubisky a good deal

Bills get Mitchell Trubisky a good deal

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Mitchell Trubisky has a pair of playoff performances on his four-year NFL resume. It wasn’t enough to give him a chance to start in 2021. It wasn’t enough to secure him an important contract as a replacement either.

According to a source with knowledge of the terms, Trubisky’s contract with the Bills is a one-year, $ 2.5 million contract. He receives a signing bonus of $ 500,000 and a base salary of $ 2 million, of which $ 1.5 million is fully guaranteed.

The contract includes up to $ 2 million in incentives for playing time, passer rating, completion percentage, touchdowns and playoff playing time. Obviously, these things will only happen if starter Josh Allen is injured.

It is not known what Trubisky was offered elsewhere, if any. The 49ers would have been interested. Regardless of the total squad roster, the financial terms of the final deal are surprisingly low for a player who was the second overall pick in the draft.

Four years ago, Trubisky received a $ 19.25 million signing bonus on a contract that paid out more than $ 29 million over four seasons. Although he’s taken the Bears to the playoffs twice in three years, he’s now a long way from that kind of money and he’ll have to find a way to get back on the field in Buffalo or elsewhere before he can get back to that level.


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