‘Batwoman’ Showrunner on Kate Kane Redesign

'Batwoman' Showrunner on Kate Kane Redesign

SPOIL ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t yet watched “Survived Much Worse,” the eighth episode of “Batwoman” Season 2.
In the summer of 2020, following the announcement of Ruby Rose’s exit from The CW’s “Batwoman,” in which she starred, showrunner Caroline Dries wrote a short note on social media promising that she wouldn’t kill the character. Now, after just the eighth episode of the second season, proof that Kate is alive, even if not completely well, has been provided in the form of a quick photo of herself at the end of the episode. titled “Survived Much Worse”.

Wallis Day, perhaps best known so far for a role in another DC property, Syfy’s ephemeral “Krypton,” will reprise the role of Kate and have his own recurring storyline throughout the second season.

“We tease to see her a bit [Episode] 209 and we realize that someone has a plan for her and that plan will have a really dramatic impact on Kate Kane’s life, ”says Dries Variety.

While seeing Kate with her face bandaged was quite a touching revelation in itself, it delivered an extra boost in the form of coming right after new Batwoman Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) and Kate’s sister Alice (Rachel Skarsten) ) eventually came to terms with the fact that Kate was probably dead.

” The first half [of the season was] our characters hope, learning that she may still be alive, trying to figure out where she is and then realizing, “Oh no, she’s dead.” This allows them to close the chapter and move on without Kate’s shadow dominating all their thoughts. It gives our Bat team a chance to grow and find a cause of their own, ”says Dries. “We start episode 9 with a very nice funeral ceremony for Kate. The characters have to get through their grief – and I’m not saying you cry in a month, but that keeps us from seeing everyone cry to sleep in every scene. And it felt like we owed our characters to give them a break. ”

In “Survived Much Worse,” Ryan expressed some concerns about her place as Batwoman if she managed to find Kate alive and bring her home. But now that she truly believes Kate is dead, Ryan will have to decide what kind of Batwoman she wants to be in the long run.

“She’s a woman who, everything good in her life was taken away from her, and I think in the back of her mind she always thought that maybe Batwoman’s legacy was going to be taken from her too.” , but now she realizes it’s no, ”Dries says.

” What does that mean? Instead of trying to keep the costume warm, who am I as Batwoman? Who am I as Ryan Wilder? This will really galvanize her to know what stamp she will put on the symbol, what stamp she will make on the city, ”she continues. “Getting crime off the streets is one thing, but how can we put the good back on the streets as well?”

Ryan will start by making a list of “bat rules” for the team, which she will also follow, Dries warns. (Hence the title of the ninth episode, “Rule No. 1.”) But as they go along, audiences will be watching a side story where “this edited version of Kate” is ringing.

Dries calls Kate’s trip “complicated, mysterious, difficult” and notes that what she went through changed her personality, as well as her appearance. The character has always been “incredibly complicated,” she says, but now there are several extra layers to her, which also made it difficult to find the right actor to play the role.

After Rose left the show, Dries had the idea of ​​recasting it right away, but eventually changed her mind and decided to introduce a new character – Ryan – instead because she thought ” it would have been an awkward transition between season 1 and season 2 if we had just completely recast Kate with no organic story behind her, ”she says. But, in the back of her mind, she had always planned to bring her back in a new way since she wasn’t killing the character.

In May 2020, Day, whose other TV credits include “Jekyll and Hyde”, “Casanova” and “The Royals” and will soon be seen in the feature film “Infinite”, tweeted that playing Batwoman would be “a dream job. . Less than a year later, she will make her debut in this role. It is replaced by Hamilton and UTA.

“Batwoman” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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