Back to normal? Introduction of the first Covid-19 “pass” in the United States – RT USA News

 Back to normal?  Introduction of the first Covid-19

    New York présentera bientôt l'Excelsior Pass, une carte qui prouve que vous avez pris un vaccin Covid-19 ou que vous avez récemment subi un test négatif pour entrer dans des événements et des entreprises.

</p><div><p><em>"Comme pour une carte d'embarquement mobile d'une compagnie aérienne, les particuliers pourront soit imprimer leur carte, soit la stocker sur leur smartphone à l'aide de l'application Excelsior Pass Wallet",</em> le communiqué de presse annonçant la lecture des «passeports». 

Businesses and sites will be able to scan a unique code for each passport and see the Covid-19 history of the person in front of them. The app will not show detailed medical history, but rather a simple message that you are or are not vaccinated, or have or have not been recently tested.

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“A person’s data is secure and confidential at all times,” the press release promises.

Madison Square Garden and the Times Union Center are already set to start using the app in the coming days. On April 2, the app will then be rolled out to smaller theaters across the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who currently faces a number of personal and professional controversies, celebrated Col Excelsior as the first of its kind and called “The question of” public health or the economy “” a “False choice”.

“The question of ‘public health or the economy’ has always been a false choice – the answer has to be both.” the governor said in a statement. “As more New Yorkers get vaccinated every day and major public health indicators continue to steadily hit their lowest rates in months, the country’s first Excelsior Pass heralds the next step in our thoughtful and science-based reopening. ”

Many officials have already floated the idea of ​​”vaccination passports” or proof of vaccination needed for people to travel or congregate in larger places. Anthony Fauci, White House health adviser, said “Immunity cards” would be « possible » last year, claim that the requirement for such paperwork was ” being discussed. “

The idea led to a wave of revulsion, especially from Republicans. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) announced this week that “Vaccine passports” region “Terrible idea” and “Totally off the table” for his condition.

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