Baby dies after being abandoned by partying teen mom: report

Baby dies after being abandoned by partying teen mom: report

A teenage mum in the UK left her baby to die as she partied for a week across the country, reports show.

Verphy Kudi’s daughter, Asiah, was only 20 months old. An autopsy showed she died of starvation, dehydration and the flu, according to a report.

Kudi, from Brighton, had traveled up to 150 miles to celebrate her 18th birthday when she left the child, who died alone in December 2019.

Kudi admitted manslaughter this week in a UK court.

The tragedy triggered “serious examination of the cases” by local and national officials, according to news organizations.

Kudi once tweeted about her desire to be a Pretty Little Things model. The day she returned home to her daughter, she had posted on Twitter trying to sell three tickets to a Lil Durk concert that day.

Kudi’s sister, in an October YouTube video posted months before the young mother’s guilty plea, denied learning that the baby had been left alone.

“No one in my family knew about this headline,” the sister said, referring to local news. “I pray that my niece gets the justice she deserves.”

“My heart is so broken,” Kudi’s father Muba Kudi told reporters after the hearing. “My daughter was missing. She had been missing since the age of 14. ”


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