Avalanche front line rediscovers past successes

Avalanche front line rediscovers past successes

Order has been restored to the world of fantasy hockey: the Rocky Mountain Line has finally caught fire.
In the last nine games, a ridiculous 8-0-1 streak for the Colorado Avalanche, Gabriel Landeskog, Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen combined for a solid 41 points.

If used correctly, using a stack of lines can be a very useful tool, especially in everyday fantasy. Across the NHL there are a variety of different lines that deliver immense value every night. Yes, the line assignments change frequently, but here are some current trios that are bringing the goods right now:

Edmonton: Draisaitl | McDavid | Puljujarvi – 123

Colorado: Landeskog | MacKinnon | Rantanen – 103

Toronto: Hyman | Matthews | Marner – 98

Pittsburgh: Guentzel | Crosby | Rust – 94

Chicago: DeBrincat | Suter | Kane – 94

Saint Louis: Kyrou | O’Reilly | Perron – 88

For what it’s worth, implementing some sort of row stack in the Sportsnet Fantasy Hockey Pool might also prove to be a smart strategy. After all, it’s about extracting as much value and production as possible. Try it!

Now let’s move on to your questions:

Yes, simple for me. As I hinted at in 20 Fantastic Thoughts from last Sunday, the only Sabers worth hanging up are Jack Eichel, Taylor Hall, and maybe Rasmus Dahlin. Anyone can go. What a train wreck.

No, I would agree with what you have. You have a lot of depth to keep the keeper afloat.

Certainly, without a doubt. As it stands, I rate Kaprizov as one of the Top 40 Fantastic Files heading into next season. He’s phenomenal. Not much can happen between now and the rest of the season that will change my position. Keep it.

If you have access to an IR slot, it’s an easy decision to put it away there. If you don’t, throw it away. It’s amazing how unlucky the Coyotes have been when it comes to injuries over the past two years. If only they could stay healthy.

I’m holding. You are unlikely to be able to get proper value in the trade market and both are much better options than what you are likely to find on the waiver thread right now. I hope for the best.

At this point, provided an IR spot is not accessible to you, I would strongly consider dropping Radulov. Although it is currently considered to be day to day, I do not see this situation ending well. It’s a shame, the Russian got off to a flying start before his season was derailed with injury. If there is a silver lining in this situation, Radulov’s loss allowed Jason Robertson to play a bigger role. Under the radar, the rookie has 20 points in 25 games for the Stars.

In general, I take this last race for the Predators with a grain of salt. As for Tolvanen, the 21-year-old has certainly grabbed the opportunity lately. Is it sustainable? I wish I had the answer, but the more we see her play, the more you get that feeling of Kevin Fiala from last year, right? Ride it while it’s hot!

Considering the clip they’ve been producing lately, it’s hard not to side with Rantanen and Landeskog. The Avalanche is connected and shows no signs of slowing down.

And it’s not that I don’t like Tkachuk and Perron, by the way. It’s close, but hard to go against what’s going on in Denver these days.

As a commercial chip, there is no doubt that Markstrom is the most valuable. Having said that, I wouldn’t be in a rush to deal with it if I were you. For me, it’s a simple solution: Drop Korpisalo. Columbus has been so inconsistent defensively this season. You won’t miss a thing, trust me.

Definitely yes. Even with Mrazek set to return soon, I see Nedeljkovic way ahead of Reimer in the pecking order. There was money in the bank. In fact, I think the rookie will push Mrazek for playtime. It will be fun to watch it all unfold. What a great story!

My condolences. In all fairness, Eichel has been an elite fantastic talent for years. He’ll come back stronger next season, but not sure if it’s in Buffalo, if you understand my drift.

I’m getting more and more skeptical every day, that’s for sure. If Kirby Dach is available on your waiver thread, I will hide it. I think you’re going to throw Strome away, he doesn’t do much, and he doesn’t play with the grown-ups either. Pass.

Remember that patience is a virtue. If I had to choose, I would cast Fiala at Hoffman. More importantly, his lack of attachment to Kaprizov for most of the year really took a toll on his fantastic value. In St. Louis, there is a plethora of talent up front to guide Hoffman through this malaise. It will come; I think.

Once again, I would stay seated. First, you won’t find anything better on waivers. Second, you would be hard pressed to get fair value in a trade. And third, the Blues are starting to be healthier, which should mean a lot of wins by the end of the regular season. I expect a Colorado-type race from the Blues. I hope I am right.


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