ASDA announces the implementation of a national ban in every supermarket

ASDA announces the implementation of a national ban in every supermarket

Supermarket giant ASDA has issued a packaging ban in the UK that will affect all of its 630 stores across the country.
In order to cut down on plastic waste, the supermarket has decided to ditch free plastic bags for fruits and vegetables in its stores – meaning customers will either have to pay 30 pence for one or bring their own.

He said more than 100 million pieces of plastic will be taken off shelves this year.

Instead of a free single-use plastic bag, the supermarket will offer a reusable 30 pence option made from recycled plastic bottles.

It follows a successful trial of nine stores in September, in places such as Harrogate, Killingbeck, Middleton, Quedgeley, Swansea as well as two stores in York.

Under the new system, classic bags will be replaced with Veggio bags, priced at 30 pence each, which he says would provide customers with an affordable and reusable alternative to single-use plastic.

The new bags are made from recycled plastic water bottles and Asda said during the trial period it sold an average of 30,000 bags per week, with customers supporting its efforts to fight the plastic pollution.

Asda also announced that it will remove plastic trays from conference pears, saving an additional 170 tonnes of plastic each year.

“We know that our customers and colleagues are truly passionate about doing what’s right for the environment and this decision is just another way to help them make sustainable choices, without compromising the quality of our products. products, ”said Dominic, product manager at Asda. Edwards.

“Following very positive feedback on our trial, we are excited to roll out plastic bag removal in all of our stores as we continue to work towards our plastic reduction goals as a company. ”

Rival store Sainsbury’s pulled free plastic bags for fruit and veg in stores and replaced them with 30p versions last year, the Mirror reports.

Tesco has also done away with plastic bags for online shopping deliveries – it now uses green checkouts instead.

And in an update last year, Morrisons said it is replacing all lifetime plastic bags with paper bags that cost 30p.


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