Andrew Neil exposes shameful deployment of French jab as lockdown waits – “Macron IS guilty!” “| World | News

 Andrew Neil exposes shameful deployment of French jab as lockdown waits -

Emmanuel Macron criticized for having “followed bad science” by an expert

France has seen its biggest single-day jump in Covid cases today since its second lockdown in November and the government has prepared to further tighten the limits on the movement of people. The Department of Health reported 38,501 new infections, bringing the total during the pandemic to 4.15 million. The seven-day average of new cases has risen to over 26,000 per day.

Former BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil has reacted to the latest cases and warned Mr Macron was “guilty” of France’s “mess” with the rollout of his vaccine.
He wrote on Twitter: “The deployment of vaccines in France is a mess and President Macron is guilty.

“The only antidote to a 3rd wave – locking the bar – is widespread immunization. At least I expect Grand Paris (Ile de France) to be on lockdown by the weekend. Very sad. ”

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said earlier today that stricter restrictions would be imposed in some areas, including Paris, from this weekend to fight the spike in infections.

Andrew Neil tore Macron apart over Covid rates in France (Image: GETTY)

The government is then expected to set new restrictions on Thursday.
This could include impartial lockdowns such as the weekend closures already imposed, as well as a nighttime curfew across the country, along parts of the Mediterranean Riviera and parts of the north.

Mr Macron said today: “We will take pragmatic and regionalized decisions”.

Despite the increase in the number of new cases, the number of Covid patients in intensive care units (ICUs) has declined slightly, the first drope in nearly two weeks, decreasing from 20 to 4,219, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

France saw biggest single-day jump in coronavirus cases on Wednesday (Image: EXPRESS)

The government is closely monitoring the intensive care figures as they are the ultimate measure of France’s ability to cope with the crisis.

Meanwhile, Paris had 1,177 people in intensive care on Tuesday as the number of hospital deaths rose from 247 to 91,437 today.

During the second nationwide lockdown in November, the number of people in intensive care peaked at 4,919 on November 16.

During the first lockout in March-April 2020, France had more than 5,000 people in intensive care for 25 consecutive days, more than 6,000 for 17 consecutive days.

France could head for another national lockdown as Covid cases rise

France could head for another national lockdown as Covid cases rise (Image: GETTY)

There was also a peak of over 7,000 for almost a week in early April 2020.

It comes after a small number of cases of blood clots in people with the vaccine have been reported in Europe, prompting several European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Denmark and Norway, to stop the deployment of the vaccine.

Mr Macron said he still hopes a vaccination campaign could avert the effects of a new wave of a pandemic triggered by more contagious variants and prevent France from resorting to a third national lockdown.

But the suspension of the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, announced Monday for safety reasons, could call into question the strategy.

Peter Openshaw, professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London, said the decision to stop the deployment of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine could be a “disaster” for the adoption of the Covid vaccine in Europe.

When asked what he would say to those in the UK who are booked to get the vaccine, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today show: “I really wouldn’t be worried right now. .

“I think it’s very clear that the benefits of being vaccinated right now outweigh any possible concerns about this rather rare type of blood clot.

“It’s really a statistically totally one-sided argument that we need to vaccinate.

“I think it’s a disaster for vaccination in Europe, which is already on slightly shaky ground in some countries. ”



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