Andrade discusses WWE exit, says he’s made $ 3 million a year

Andrade discusses WWE exit, says he's made $ 3 million a year

Andrade discussed his exit from WWE in his first interview since being released. The WWE alum spoke to Lucha Libre Online and discussed his reason for leaving, his contract with the company and more. You can check out some highlights below (thanks to Fightful, Carlos Toro, and Luis Pulido for transcription and translation). It was noted that Andrade confirmed that it does not have a non-compete clause.
Why he decided to leave WWE: “When the pandemic started, they put me with Drew McIntyre. Drew was great to me and performed well with me in NXT and on the main roster. We had the games and a producer came over to me and said, “Make sure Drew looks like a monster because he’s the champion. Drew came to me and told me to wrestle the way I wrestle, saying he didn’t need me to make him look good, but to wrestle the way I wrestle best. A lot of people treated me well, so did Drew and Randy Orton. [Randy] would ask me, “Why don’t they use you? I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know what was going on. After that I made the decision [to leave]. »

On the hardest part of leaving: “To make the decision, the hardest part was not being close to Charlotte and going to events with [Charlotte]. »

On how much he earned in WWE: “I’ve been with WWE. I had a great contract with WWE, a great contract. Three million a year. Several million dollars a year, way more than a lot of guys coming from NXT. I have heard of some of these contracts. I did a lot more than these guys.


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