‘American Gods’ canceled at Starz – No season 4 for Neil Gaiman Show

'American Gods' canceled at Starz - No season 4 for Neil Gaiman Show

Starz has finished playing Gods.

The third season of American gods will be his last, our sister site reports the deadlines. The network confirms that the show will not return for a fourth season. The story can continue, however, in a series of events or a synthesis film.

“Everyone at Starz is grateful to the dedicated cast and crew, as well as our partners at Fremantle who brought the ever-relevant story of writer and executive producer Neil Gaiman to life who speaks about the cultural climate of our country, ”said a spokesperson for the network in a statement. .

The fantasy drama based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel premiered in 2017, but quickly became as notorious for its behind-the-scenes conflicts as it was for its on-screen story. Towards the end of the inaugural season, showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller left the series, apparently over creative differences with the network. Cast members Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth quickly followed suit.

Season 2, which aired in 2019, was rife with a behind-the-scenes discord. Jesse Alexander (Hannibal) was brought in to helm the series with executive producer Gaiman, but reports in September 2018 said Alexander was sidelined during filming after ongoing production issues, delays, and script analysis undertaken by frustrated members of the cast.

In March 2019, Starz announced that the former Protect EP Charles “Chic” Eglee would chair season 3. It later emerged that cast members Orlando Jones and Mousa Kraish would not appear in season three.

When Jones announced his departure via a video posted to social media in December 2019, he claimed that Eglee believed Jones’ character Mr. Nancy had sent the “wrong message” to “Black America”. The Freemantle-produced series issued a response stating that Jones’ option was not chosen because Season 3 focuses on a section of the book that does not include Mr. Nancy, and the series had gone. most diverse series on television. Months later, Jones went public with a private Twitter message from his Gods co-star Ricky Whittle in which Whittle appeared to agree with Jones’ complaints about “incompetence” on set, but seemed to disagree that racism was involved.

The Season 3 – and now the series – finale aired on March 21.

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