America takes revenge on killer who snatched baby from mother’s womb


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Bonnie Jo Stinnett was cruelly murdered and her baby cut from her womb.

Prosecutors believed she was faking it. Montgomery meticulously planned the murder and researched how to perform a Caesarean. It was then, argued his lawyers.

But before you pull out Montgomery’s tissues, take a break and think about eight-month-pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett with her whole life ahead of her. Her granddaughter is now 17 and grew up without her mother.

A husband without a wife, parents without a daughter, siblings without their sister, friends unable to replace the hole in their hearts.

For Stinnett’s survivors, Montgomery was the epitome of evil and jurors sobbed loudly throughout the murder trial.

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“Bobbie Jo was one of the nicest people you’ve ever met,” her high school friend Jena Baumli told KSHB. “I imagine saying ‘bad things always happen to good people’ was one of those cases.”

For Baumli, Montgomery got exactly what she deserved.

“It hurts my heart,” she said. “Lisa took a lot of our dreams away from us. Bobbie Jo and our kids who play together, go to school together, or do the same things we did when we were kids have all been taken away.

Zeb Stinnett with the couple’s baby Victoria, who miraculously survived her mother’s murder.

Seventeen years later, this pain has not diminished, it continues to beat.

“I hope for closure, for peace,” Baumli said. “And then from now on, block anything with Lisa Montgomery’s name on it because I think I’ve seen her name enough in a lifetime.”


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