Amazon “knew that delivery drivers urinated in bottles” despite claims to the contrary


Amazon was aware of drivers urinating into bottles and defecating into bags despite the practice’s rejection, according to leaked documents.
The internet giant had denied on its official Twitter account that drivers were skipping bathroom breaks as they sought to meet delivery targets.

In an article on Amazon News, he said, “You don’t really believe in the wee in bottles thing, do you? ”

But according to documents leaked to The Intercept, officials were aware of the practice.

An internal email from a logistics manager in May of last year read: “Tonight, an associate discovered human feces in an Amazon bag that was returned to the station by a driver.

“This is the third time in the past 2 months that the bags have been returned to the station with shit inside.

“We understand that DA [driver associates] may have emergencies on the road, and especially during Covid, ADs struggled to find a toilet during childbirth. Either way, DAs can’t, MUST NOT send the bags back to the station with shit inside. ”

The memo continued: “We have noticed an increase recently in all kinds of unsanitary waste left in bags: used masks, gloves, urine bottles. ”

He called the behavior of the drivers “unacceptable” and said such incidents would be treated as “infractions”.

Another confidential internal document from January referred to “public urination” and “public defecation”.

An employee told The Intercept: “Every day of my shift I have to use the toilet in a bottle to complete my route on time. It’s so common that you’ll often find other drivers’ bottles located under the seats of vans. The fact that Amazon is tweeting this is hilarious. ”


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