Alexander Povetkin vs. Dillian Whyte 2 full fight video

Alexander Povetkin vs. Dillian Whyte 2 full fight video

Watch Alexander Povetkin vs. Dillian Whyte 2 highlights from the full Rumble On The Rock main event full fight video above, courtesy of DAZN.

Povetkin vs Whyte 2 took place on March 27 at the Europa Point sports complex in Gibraltar. The main heavyweight event was a rematch of their first fight last August which Povetkin won by TKO in the fifth round. The fight was broadcast live on DAZN pay-per-view. Watch more highlights from the video below.

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Tour 1

Povetkin backed off early! Povetkin has no legs. These are icy clichés. Whyte is just bombarding him with wild shots and Povetkin is now hanging on. Whyte pushes him away. Whyte hitting the jab throws a right to the body. Povetkin shoots with a right lead but slowly. Povetkin eats a solid shot. They don’t “feel that”, that’s for sure. Whyte with a small counter to the right and slips in after. Whyte’s slaughtered body.

Whyte 10-9

2ème round

It’s Whyte on the front foot, even when he’s not throwing a lot. He pulls out this jab every now and then, looking to read Povetkin. It looks like Whyte may really want to get a counterfire, trying to bait Povetkin. Whyte with a right hand upstairs. Povetkin arrives with a left, Whyte throws a return hook. Povetkin starts to lead a bit more, coming in with hooks and lead rights, not landing clean but he’s alive in there. Povetkin with another lead to the right, again no flush but they get in there. Close round, shadow to Whyte.

Whyte 10-9, 20-18

3e tour

Whyte’s shot could really be a huge weapon here if he used it more consistently. Whyte slips on a logo in the corner, no knockdown. Whyte’s tough right hand grabbed Povetkin and the veteran retreats! He is wounded. Whyte isn’t pushing hard, however, he knows Povetkin is dangerous and was waiting for an opening there. Smart job from Whyte, I mean we know what happened last time around. Whyte spicy. Povetkin rushes in with a hook, can’t. Jab again from Whyte, and again. Whyte’s right hand just watches, then another. He’s fine for a track, doesn’t understand.

Whyte 10-9, 30-27

Tour 4

Whyte tags him again to start the round, now staggers him! This time, Whyte is looking to go, and Povetkin is there looking for the backlash! Now they are restoring it. Povetkin is still a bit unstable, and he also blows air at times. When Whyte sticks to the jab, he lands and works. Povetkin just doesn’t react, his head doesn’t move. Povetkin rushes in, disappears, and is caught with a small, deaf right hand. The Right Right hits Povetkin on the ropes, catches him, and POVETKIN FALLS FOR A THIRD SHOT! IT’S FINISH! THE TOWEL IS IN!

Dillian Whyte TKO-4


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