AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend asks if he still loves her after horrific burns

AJ Pritchard's girlfriend asks if he still loves her after horrific burns

AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen has revealed she has a heart-wrenching question for her boyfriend after suffering horrific burns from a serious accident.
The 23-year-old dancer was rushed to hospital after being engulfed in flames that left her with third-degree burns after a video stunt.

Speaking for the first time after the horrific ordeal of two months ago, Abbie revealed that the first thing she asked AJ was if he was still going to love her.

It came after doctors warned the artist could suffer permanent damage after three skin grafts.

Speaking to The Sun, Abbie explained that her hair and body caught fire in the horrific accident.

“AJ and I just wanted to make the lifehack video for fans to watch at home. It was a popular video online, so we were doing a test run in the kitchen that I was going to film, ”she told the publication.

Abbie Quinnen suffered second and third degree burns that required three skin grafts following horrific accident

She said her hair caught fire and the flames spread within seconds.

She added: “It was such a shock, I was panicking and screaming. I fell to the ground and was driving to try and put out the fire. ”

Abbie recalled how the incident left her in shock and she remained worried about her face.

Abbie was trying to perform an internet hack involving flammable liquid and a glass bottle when things went wrong

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She continued, “The first thing I said to AJ was, ‘Is my face going to be okay? Will you still love me

“I kept telling him this and I was shaking in horror.

Abbie’s terrifying ordeal was linked to a botched viral stunt that aimed to cut a glass bottle in half.

Abbie - who is also an influencer - is currently recovering at home after three skin transplants
Abbie – who is also an influencer – is currently recovering at home after three skin transplants

The dangerous hack – which Abbie has since strongly warned against – saw the duo dip a rope into flammable liquid and set it on fire in an attempt to smash the bottle.

Unfortunately, the bottle exploded and Abbie was quickly engulfed in flames. AJ’s brother then quickly drove the couple to Ealing Hospital, but Abbie explained that she was in complete shock at the time.

Abbie learned that she had suffered second degree burns to her face and third degree burns to the rest of her body.

AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen
Abbie took to social media earlier this week to talk about her absence and reveal what she had been through in private

AJ Pritchard and Abbie Quinnen
AJ Pritchard supports girlfriend Abbie Quinnen as she slowly moves towards recovery

After five days in the hospital, during which she was given a lot of medicine, she was finally discharged from the ward. However, she has spent the past seven weeks receiving constant treatment.

She also told The Sun, “I was so nervous to see him, when we got together we both woke up well. But once we saw each other I felt better. ”

For the past two months, AJ has been Abbie’s full-time caregiver and lovingly helped his girlfriend through the long process of recovery. During her interview, the dancer also explained that the horrific ordeal had brought them together.

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