ABC Checks Presenter Well-Being After Curses Cried During Adelaide Newscast | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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An ABC radio presenter twice shouted a curse on a late-night newscast in Adelaide before being abruptly taken off the air.

The national broadcaster said he was investigating the incident and making sure the staff member was okay.

The presenter of the 10 p.m. bulletin on Saturday did not appear to be following a script and struggled to introduce the first article on a Covid-19 outbreak in Queensland.

“There have been more problems with Brisbane, after more Covid restrictions in the city. Here is the report, ”he said.

The story audio was then played, but after about 10 seconds the presenter could be heard yelling “Fuck you”.

Once the story was over, there was a period of silence, before the presenter again appeared ad-lib while presenting the second report.

“There have been issues with the wine situation with China maintaining the Australian restrictions. Here is the report. “

The presenter shouted again loudly ‘fuck you’ as the story, which was not about Chinese tariffs on Australian wine but rather international rates of Covid-19 infection, spread.

The bulletin was cut shortly thereafter and replaced by one which would have been broadcast from Sydney.

An ABC spokesperson said: “We are looking into what has happened and we are also making sure our staff member is okay.”

In his profile on the ABC website, the presenter is described as an experienced broadcaster who has worked for multiple media outlets over the past 35 years.


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