A tribute to key workers and those lost to Covid | Coronavirus

 A tribute to key workers and those lost to Covid |  Coronavirus

THEOn Tuesday, to mark the anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown, we will all stop for a moment to reflect on those we have lost due to this terrible pandemic. Personally, I think of the thousands of people who have died in care facilities. Every death is a tragedy, the loss of a loved one – a father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle or friend. Tuesday is also a time to think and thank all those caregivers, NHS staff and other key workers who put their lives at risk to care for others. To recognize this work, it would be nice if the government could give all health and social workers in England a bonus, like the £ 500 payment given in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Mike Padgham
Scarborough, Yorkshire du Nord

Doctors, nurses and support staff who have been caring for Covid patients in hospitals and nursing homes for over a year now have a very different job than any I can think of, other than active military service. They go to work every day, knowing that they are going to place themselves in an environment that could kill them.

A few years ago I received a Queen’s Award for Volunteer Service for guiding visitors into Salisbury Cathedral. This is nothing compared to the services rendered by Covid caregivers. But they have nothing to show for their dedication.

I suggest we have a book of remembrance, in which are written the names of all those who have died as a result of caring for Covid patients. It must be placed somewhere like Westminster Abbey, but accompanied by an online copy for those who cannot travel to see it.

Staff who have served in a Covid patient-facing environment should be entitled to a Dedicated Caregiver Award – a DC after their name and a medal to wear on official occasions.
Dr Alastair Lack
Retired Intensive Care Consultant, Salisbury

Memorials to the victims of Covid? Laura Spinney wonders how this could be done (We must mark the countless lives Covid has claimed. But how to do it ?, March 18). Well, we can hold Proms in the park nationwide, so that shouldn’t be beyond our ability to hold memorials in the park – or in the stadium – or whichever is big enough. to welcome all bereaved friends and families.

As soon as possible, the government should fund a day of national commemorations and commemorations – all held at the same time across the country at appropriate venues. There should be local MPs and ministers present at every event, and Boris Johnson at the largest. The victims deserve nothing less. Grieving deserves nothing less, many of which have been denied to dismiss loved ones in a proper and dignified manner.
Rob Parrish
Starcross, Devon

Laura Spinney offers a world memorial. We could start in the UK by ousting this government as soon as possible.
Val Harrison


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