90,000 greasy pennies thrown at man’s drive as final payment after quitting his job | US News

 90,000 greasy pennies thrown at man's drive as final payment after quitting his job |  US News

A man has accused his former employer of ‘childish’ moving – after receiving his last payment of $ 915 (£ 666) in pennies.

Andreas Flaten discovered the transport of 90,000 pieces – which were covered with an oily and greasy substance – at the bottom of his driveway.

At the top of the pile was his last payslip… with an explicit leaving message from the auto shop where he worked.

A stain on the driveway where the coins were found. Pic: AP

Mr. Flaten quit his job in November and says he encountered difficulties in receiving payment.

He now spends his nights gradually cleaning up the coins so he can cash them – and it took him an hour and a half to make a few hundred coins usable.

Miles Walker, owner of the workshop, told WGCL-TV he was unsure whether he had dropped the pennies in front of Mr. Flaten’s house or not.

He said, “I don’t really remember. It does not matter. He got paid, that’s all that matters. ”

The businessman then called Mr. Flaten a “weenie”.

Olivia Oxley, Mr Flaten’s girlfriend, said she hopes the incident will highlight how people “are being treated so badly by their employers”.

But she looks on the bright side, saying, “With so much money, we’re bound to find some treasures.” I have already found one from 1937.

“After the first full shovel, all we could do was laugh because this poor wretch had taken so long to be vindictive and cruel.

“We absolutely refused to let him ruin a single moment of ours. ”


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