76ers 101, Knicks 100: Scenes of a Stolen Victory

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I want to rage and throw up and my wife is asking me to hold a very tough baby but I need 150 words here so let’s go.

The Knicks haven’t beaten the Philadelphia 76ers in their last 15 meetings, but none of them have been more painful than this one.

With less than a minute to go and the Sixers in place, Alec Burks stripped Ben Simmons and had a man to beat with Julius Randle to his left. Now, if you’ve watched Alec Burks perform the quick break this season, you know it almost always turns into a full clusterfuck. Guy can’t convert a quick break-up opportunity to save his life. Sure enough, he ignored Julius and slaughtered the lay-up. The Sixers then moved up three. Randle missed a layup seconds to go and Tobias Harris was fouled.

And then… madness. Harris missed both free throws, and the Knicks had the ball seconds to go. Everyone in the building knew the ball was going to Randle, and the big man delivered.

The Sixers then threw the ball away and Randle missed an ongoing three that would have actually won the game.

Now on to the bullshit: The Knicks were up in the dying seconds when Randle was called up for the worst off-ball foul in history. Tobias Harris hit both free throws this time and the Knicks lost by one point.

I am so angry. If you are reading this, you are probably also angry. Recap to come.


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