3 reasons why Ty France should start on third base

3 reasons why Ty France should start on third base

PEORIA, ARIZONA – March 4: Ty France # 23 of the Seattle Mariners scores a home run. (Photo by Steph Chambers / Getty Images)

Ty France has been the Mariners’ leading hitter this spring training and looks like one of the early All-Star contenders. The Mariners offense is already rich in talent and Scott Servais has a lot of tough decisions to make.

I will make Servais’ job easier… start Ty France at third base. Here are three reasons why:

Reason no. 1 – You have to know if Ty France is the Mariners 3B of the future

You might be wondering what I’m going to do with Kyle Seager. First of all, the fan favorite won’t be on the baseball field much longer than I hate to say. Seager had an illustrious career in Seattle and will be remembered as one of the best outfielders to play in the Mariners’ uniform.

But, the focus is on the future. We have long wondered who would replace Kyle Seager, but Ty France has clearly made a name for itself. At this time, there are no prospects vying for third base in the near term, so Ty is our best option. You might consider Noelvi Marte as Seattle’s next third baseman, but it’s still a long way off.

So I think France should be Seattle’s third baseman for the next five years. But whatever the decision, it always helps to test it as a science project.

We have to give it a lot of repetitions in the third to see how things go. I fully admit that his defense has been questionable, but he is only 26 years old. With the attention of coach Perry Hill, I’m sure France can make huge defensive progress. Plus, he’s a teammate with a Gold Glove third baseman and I’m sure they’ve worked together before.

During their short two-year MLB career, France holds a 0.967 percentage in the field for third. He also has at least eight above-average zonal field races per year, and three defensive saves per year.

The more playing time he has, the more chances he has to improve. He might be a bit of a handicap this season, but the hope is that he won’t be in the long run. If we learn that Ty France isn’t good enough to play third, at least we’ve tried and learned from him.

For those of you who would like Ty France to be the DH, the following page will clarify some of my thoughts. But from a long-term perspective, it might help to keep the DH spot flexible and open to other players.

Soon, the Mariners’ outfield could look like Taylor Trammell, Jarred Kelenic and Kyle Lewis. Notice how I left Mitch Haniger? The Mariners outfielder could be the future DH Mariners so it helps to have France third and keep DH open.

Now let’s move on to the second reason.


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