2 new mass vaccination sites in Chicago, what to do with your vaccine card – NBC Chicago

2 new mass vaccination sites in Chicago, what to do with your vaccine card - NBC Chicago

Two new mass vaccination sites – one at Chicago State University and a second just outside Wrigley Field – are expected to open in Chicago next week.

Meanwhile, four suburban mass vaccination sites are expected to open to all eligible Illinois residents.

And what should you do with your vaccination record?

Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois today:

Lake County Fairgrounds Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility to Phase 1B Plus

The Lake County Fairgrounds vaccination site has extended the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine this week to those eligible for Phase 1B Plus, which includes additional underlying health issues, the Department of Health said.

The Lake County Health Department opened immunization appointments at the fairgrounds for those eligible for Phase 1B Plus on Tuesday, after county partners entered the expanded phase last week.

Anyone who lives or works in Lake County can register on the AllVax portal located here. Appointments can also be made by calling (847) 377-8130.

Laminate? Wear it? What to do with your immunization card

Once you have received your coronavirus vaccine, you often receive a COVID-19 vaccination record, with the CDC logo in the upper right corner.

“These vaccine cards are really important. They provide proof that you have been vaccinated, ”said Dr Kiran Joshi, co-director of the Cook County Department of Public Health.

Immunization cards are so popular that card dupes are even sold online. Security experts are also warning people against posting photos of their card on social media.

Staples and Office Depot offer free laminating vaccination cards, but some wonder if sealing the card in plastic is too permanent.

Dr Joshi said he understood why people would want to preserve it, but the extra lines at the bottom of the card, marked “Other”, are there for a reason.

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State Launches New Mass Vaccination Sites In Multiple Suburbs For All Eligible Illinois Residents

Four suburban mass vaccination sites are expected to open this week to all eligible Illinois residents. New locations are expected to open in Kane, Lake and Will counties, with another site in Grundy County that will expand to all eligible state residents regardless of where they live. Details here.

2 mass vaccination sites open in Chicago next week, including 1 near Wrigley Field

Two new mass vaccination sites – one at Chicago State University and a second just outside Wrigley Field – are expected to open in Chicago next week, officials said on Tuesday.

Starting April 5, Chicago residents eligible for Phase 1C of the city’s COVID vaccine rollout will be able to get vaccinated at Chicago State University or the American Airlines Conference Center at Gallagher Way, next door. of Wrigley Field.

Appointments for the new sites are expected to be posted “later this week” on the city’s Zocdoc planning platform, with additional appointments expected each day.

Will County Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility to Phase 1B-Plus

Will County has now entered Phase 1B-Plus of its COVID vaccine rollout, the county health department said on Tuesday.

Health officials have said that between Tuesday and April 12, when the state is expected to make all residents 16 and older eligible, appointments for vaccines can be made by those who currently qualify according to state directives.

Details here.

Lightfoot Says Young Adults in 4 Neighborhoods Behind ‘Disturbing’ Increase in COVID Cases in Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Monday that young adults in four specific neighborhoods were behind the “troubling” increase in coronavirus cases in the city.

At a press conference announcing a new vaccination site for union members in the city, Lightfoot noted that while Chicago is making progress in its vaccine distribution, “we are not far out of the woods yet.”

“Right now, we are seeing a disturbing increase in our case positivity and daily case rates,” Lightfoot said. “My friends, I just want to tell you that about three weeks ago we were still on a downtrend and we were seeing daily case rates in the 200s. ”

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Coronavirus in Illinois: 2,404 new cases of COVID, 17 deaths, 86K vaccinations

Illinois health officials on Tuesday reported 2,404 new cases of coronavirus and 17 additional deaths, as well as more than 86,000 vaccinations in the past 24 hours.

According to figures from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the 2,404 new confirmed and probable COVID cases reported on the last day brought the state’s total to 1,241,993 cases since the start of the pandemic last year.

The 17 new deaths brought the death toll in the state to 21,273 virus-related deaths, according to health officials.

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Danville, Quincy and more: These Illinois COVID vaccination sites are open to anyone aged 16 or 18 and over

Following a state announcement last week, a number of counties in Illinois are now offering vaccinations to any state resident 16 years of age and older.

Jackson County in southern Illinois, Adams County in western Illinois, and Vermilion County in eastern Illinois, among others, have expanded eligibility requirements, the state health department has allowed regions experiencing a decline in demand for vaccines to open up further. Here is a complete list.

“We Are Very Concerned:” Chicago Health Officials Keep Cautious Eye on Rising COVID Cases

While health officials in Chicago are unwilling to call a current increase in coronavirus cases an ‘surge’, they remain vigilant and express concern that the city may be heading in that direction if residents don’t. not take the risk of a dramatic increase. in serious cases.

Dr Jennifer Seo, chief medical director of the Chicago Department of Public Health, says the city is closely monitoring a recent increase in coronavirus cases and that the next four to eight weeks will be critical in determining whether the current increase in case is just a beep on the radar, or an indicator that the city is heading for the type of peak in cases it saw in the fall.

“We are definitely seeing an increase in cases. It’s not to the point that we see in November, but it’s something that we want to follow closely, ”she said. “We are very concerned about what the outlook might be over the next four to eight weeks.”

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Rise in COVID hospitalizations preventing Illinois from entering transition phase: IDPH

As Illinois is on the verge of reaching the vaccination metric required to enter the new transitional phase of its reopening plan, it looks like the state is yet to move forward.

On Monday, the state reported that 69% of people aged 65 and over had been vaccinated, just below the 70% threshold required to enter the final stage before a full reopening.

But according to the Illinois Department of Health, hospitalization measures “continue to increase”, meaning that “the state has not yet met the conditions to enter the transition phase.”

“Health officials continue to urge all residents to mask themselves, social distances and wash their hands frequently to reduce transmission and bring the settings back online for the transition to the bridge phase,” he said. the IDPH said in a statement Monday.

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