What has killed the most people in France since 2000? Islamic terrorism or “the hunt”?


This atmosphere of hysteria, promoted by the sleuths of the right, Darmanin and Blanquer, selected for this post by Macron, characterizes much of French national policy at the moment. The situation will worsen as Macron works to make life more difficult on the left, as he steals policies from the far right in the run-up to the presidential poll, which will be held just 18 months away.
It is playing, and thus helping to increase, a reaction against the explosion of anger and public activity last year against sexism and racism in France.


In Marseille, other voices were to be heard. With a new Left and Green majority, “Marseille” Printemps “elected to the city council last summer and the former mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin, now under investigation for alleged corruption, a poignant ceremony took place on February 21. At the place where, 26 years earlier to the day, Ibrahim Ali, 17, had been shot in the back and killed by an activist from Le Pen, his name was finally attached to the wall, the street renamed “Avenue Ibrahim- Ali ‘.

Renaming the road so that the crime was never forgotten was a requirement of his family and the town’s anti-racist movement for a quarter of a century that Gaudin ran the roost at town hall. The new majority alliance hopes its demonstration of successful popular unity will be both a response to racist prejudice and violence and Macron’s maneuvers.

Another anniversary was marked in Marseille this weekend with the commemoration of the execution by a Nazi firing squad of 23 members of the resistance group led by Missak Manouchian on February 21, 1944. Ibrahim Ali is from the Comoros, in Indian Ocean. Missak Manouchian was from Armenia. Both died at the hands of racists in France.

To the memory of Manouch, a poem by the surrealist poet, later Communist, Paul Eluard was quoted: “If we forget them their fight is lost(If we forget them, their fight will be lost). This is why in the last fortnight so many people have been so deeply angered by Vidal’s, sorry, Macron’s onslaught on those who try to spot racism, explore the scars left by oppression. colonialism and analyze the functioning of the discrimination and prejudices that cause so much pain across France.


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