Sheep that had not been sheared in years rescued after losing fleece


Baarack the sheep had not been sheared for five years (Photo: Edgar Mission / SWNS)

A sheep must have had over 75 pounds of chopped wool after running around in the wild without being sheared for years.

The animal, named Baarack by rescuers, was seen roaming the bush in Victoria, Australia.

His matted fleece – grown for at least five years – weighed him down, blocked his vision, and threatened his chances of survival.

But Edgar’s mission in Lancefield took in the stoic animal and gave it a much needed makeover.

“We couldn’t believe there was actually a sheep living under all that wool,” the shrine said on Facebook.

The sheep got a makeover (Photo: Edgar Mission / SWNS)
Volunteers rescued the sheep (Photo: Edgar Mission / SWNS)
It took an hour to cut its fleece (Photo: Edgar Mission / SWNS)

“It was a struggle to understand that beneath this convoluted moving mass of tangled fleece, adorned with countless sticks, twigs and insects, which made its saviors look twice, was not Australia’s response to the yeti. – but a sheep.

“Every day his wool grew longer, and his fate more and more desperate, while his chances of survival grew increasingly slim.

Baarack the sheep has been left in the wild for years (Photo: Edgar Mission / SWNS)

“A lot of people don’t realize that wool can easily turn into a bulky fleece that continues to grow throughout a sheep’s life.

“Now relieved of this fleece and its burden, Baarack is indeed lighter in more ways than one. Baarack can now see the world more clearly.

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